4 Trends You Should Know in Corporate Gifting in 2023

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a great way to appreciate your employees, clients, and customers. Especially during the post-pandemic. This pandemic forced many companies to forgo face-to-face interactions. Thus, many employees work from home.

Many have struggled with the setup of working from home. Internet connections are not always reliable and not everyone has the proper equipment in their houses. 

Still, many have managed to keep up and be productive. Thus, appreciating the people within your company is the very least you can do.

But gift-giving isn’t always a breeze. It can be difficult to keep up with gifting trends since they change so fast every year. But don’t worry! Here are some trends you should know in corporate gifting in 2023.

Since most employees stay at home 24/7, giving them home essentials is pretty common. However, basic necessities such as toiletries and face masks might not be good enough as a gift.

It is better to give them gifts that could uplift their moods. After all, employees spending all their time at home will appreciate homeware or decors. This gifting trend is especially thoughtful considering how expensive they can be.

A benefit of gifting houseware is that these gifts can be sustainable. For instance, serveware like bamboo trays and resin coasters are recyclable. 

Gifting employees such recyclable homeware will encourage them to be more conscious. It could also encourage them to relax and enjoy their time at home as they work.

Serveware isn’t the only thing you can give your employees. You could consider home improvement gifts too if you have the budget for them. 

Sure, these gifts might be costlier than serveware. But, this corporate gifting trend can liven up an employee’s work-from-home space.

Having a livelier or cozier place to work could improve their productivity. It could also cultivate loyalty to your company if they’re happy with what you’re gifting them.

Home improvement can include beautiful designs for kitchens, living rooms, or studies. It doesn’t have to limit itself to an employee’s workspace. A busy employee with no time for home improvement may appreciate any kind of interior décor.

  • Custom Gifts

Nothing spells appreciation like a custom gift. The advantage of buying personalized gifts is that they’re great for everyone. From your suppliers to your employees, all can enjoy a personalized corporate gift.

A heartfelt gift can show the people you’re working with that you appreciate their efforts. These gifts can mean so much more to them than a generic gift. 

Another great feature of personalized gifts is that they can be in various forms. For instance, you could consider personalized stationery for employees at desk jobs.

If you interact with your employees and clients, you may know their likes and preferences. You could keep their hobbies in mind when you want to buy them a gift on their birthday or a special occasion.

For instance, if one of your employees likes soccer, you could buy them a jersey of their favorite soccer team. Such gifts let employees and clients know you pay attention to them. 

These gestures could make your employees feel special. In turn, they’d be more willing to perform well at their jobs.

There are two ways to offer personalized gifts to employees. One, you base the gift on their personal preferences to connect with them. Two, you base your gift on an entire team of employees. 

For instance, you could buy gifts for your marketing team featuring the same logo or slogan.

The same or similar gifts for an entire team could encourage team spirit. It could also foster loyalty among team members.

  • Remote Working Gifts

Now more than ever, it’s important to make employees feel comfortable while they’re working from home.

In most cases, employees don’t have designated workspaces in their homes. This lack of a designated workspace could make working from home uncomfortable. 

You could do something to ease their discomfort in this case. Corporate gifting trends this year include remote working essentials.

Some large companies are offering entire work-from-home office setups. However, these setups can cost thousands of dollars and is not for everyone’s budget.

But don’t worry! Smaller gifts such as stationery, wireless keyboards, and laptop stands will do! Anything that can make your employee more comfortable at their desk is good.

You could even consider ergonomic chairs for employees. These chairs are useful for spending long hours at their desks. These chairs can help employees feel less sluggish and more productive.

They could also ease back and neck pain, something many employees suffer from these days! But, chairs aren’t the only pieces of furniture you could gift remote employees.

A good, strong desk can help them work better too. But, desks are trickier to buy since you’ll have to bear their dimensions in mind. 

You could always ask employees what piece of furniture they’d prefer and take it from there. Asking for their preferences will make for more meaningful gift-giving in this case.

The best part about remote working essentials is that you could gift them to clients too. Your clients are likely working from home too, given the current state of affairs.

So, if you know clients that work from home, thoughtful remote work essentials shouldn’t be off the cards.

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards are among the more versatile corporate gifts out there. Buying e-gift cards will help you save time and effort. Also, employees, clients, and customers would appreciate these e-cards. After all, these cards allow them to buy whatever they want online.

As online shopping is booming, so is the demand for e-gift cards. But, you have to consider which retailer you want to buy cards from online. A safe bet would be to buy cards from large retailers. These retailers offer users a large range of consumer goods, electronics, etc.

So, a card from such sites allows the receivers to buy whatever they want. Or, if you don’t want to buy a gift card, you could still check out the retailers’ sites.

Going through their sites will give you some good gift ideas for coworkers. It could also give you ideas for personalized e-gift cards. 

For instance, you could gift employees or clients cards from apparel, tech, or home décor sites. The cards you choose for them should reflect their interests.

It would take time for you to go through apparel or tech sites yourself and choose gifts. Instead, you could leave it to your employees to choose whatever they like from these sites.

This gifting idea is a win-win because it lends a personal touch to your gifts. Also, it doesn’t take up too much time or effort.


These gifting trends look like they’re here to stay for a while. Investing in good corporate gifts will help you connect with employees better. The gifts don’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Bear that in mind and your employees will have something great to cherish.

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