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Triumph FX is a currency broker situated in Cyprus. It was created in 2009 & promises to deliver expert internet trade solutions to both individuals & corporate customers in around sixty pairings of the more common exchange. It does so using an NDD and STP transaction execution mechanism that is built on the pricing inputs of the top suppliers. TriumphFX advertises itself as a high-end business and banking solution supplier. Because they believe in giving all owners an equal chance, our products are not just available to experienced traders, but also to anyone fresh to the area. According to the experts,

Its British Banking Regulation Authorities have granted Triumph FX the STP license (FCA). The Federal Financial Regulatory Agency has recently granted it a retail FX license. While licensing provides traders legitimacy, it may not necessarily imply that each qualified brokerage is trustworthy. Triumph FX uses the MT4 brokerage, which is simple to operate and provides everything a broker requires. It has a smartphone and computer consumer experience as well.

Triumph FX Requires a Minimum Deposit of:

Triumph FX requires a minimal investment of 100 EUR/USD/GBP. Dealers and buyers can use a VISA or MasterCard money transaction to submit their funds. Because the transaction options are restricted, this could be a good brokerage.

Utilizes and Expands at Triumph FX:

Triumph FX provides three kinds of deposits: Basic, Metal, and Prestige Accts, all of which have a ratio of 1:30, a max leveraged of 1:100 for exchange rates, and a leveraged of up to 1:100 for precious metals. It allows skilled trading using a max leveraged of 1:500, while other dealers can modify one‘s strength in accordance with the context. Dealing with them will be, once again, a risky proposition. The EURUSD minimal difference is 0.4 pips, whereas the EURGBP minimal difference is 0.1 pips.

Is Triumph FX a Scam Broker or a Legit Broker?

As previously said, many currency firms are licensed by high authorities, but this necessarily means that each brokerage provides genuine solutions. Despite the fact that Triumph FX is authorized by CySEC, there is always an issue in removing money. In a word, Triumph FX is an offshore business that offers no brokerages and only a few transaction options. Many of those factors indicate that it could be a fraudulent currency brokerage. As a result, prior to spending a large sum of cash, all buyers should conduct thorough research on the brokerage.


Just on appearance, TriumphFX appears to be a simple game. You make a deposit, link it to a TriumphFX broker, observe their trading, although if then they still earn again, you earn a 60 percent portion of the financial gain. If those who forfeit, on the other hand, you end up losing. Everything begins to break down as you put in the MLM payment structure. A referrals reward of 5% of deposited monies is handed out right away. If an associate recruits 3 participants ($10,000 each), the commission increases to 20% for the next 2 top tiers. According to the TriumphFX payment scheme, top rewards are derived by 30% of investment gains on customers’ wallets.

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