8 Video Promotion Ideas for Your Online Business

Video Promotion

Video is arguably the most effective way to promote something. Businesses, products, and events benefit significantly from promotional videos that generate buzz and drive conversions.

While video is a highly effective tool to promote your brand or service, many brands need help with video promotion ideas. Luckily, we’ve got solutions!

Let’s look at 8 video promotional ideas for your online business.

1. Upload It To YouTube And Optimize It

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet and the go-to place for posting videos, so it’s critical to be on this platform. But, unfortunately, it will still be hard to get found on YouTube if your video isn’t making an impact.

If your video is optimized, you can differentiate yourself from other YouTube content. It’s essential to optimize the video for similar keywords you’d use to rank on the web if you want to get found on the platform.

You can optimize your blog in several ways, including by:

  • Utilizing a custom thumbnail
  • Adding your video to a playlist with related videos
  • Link the video with annotations, including your keyword phrase
  • Utilizing closed captions
  • Uploading a transcript that contains essential information and keywords

2. Explainer Video Concepts

Explainer videos can provide an effective way to promote products and services. This is especially useful if you deal with complex ideas or highly technical products. A visual representation allows you to distill the complexities of your business.

3. Use Other Social Networks To Post Your Video

Utilize native video players on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platform to share your videos. Native videos are usually shown more often on those networks, so why not take advantage of that?

4. Testimonials From Customers

Many people begin their online research by looking at  reviews from other customers. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to studies. You can highlight your top-notch products and services more effectively with customer testimonial videos than with words alone.

5. Share Your Video On Your Website Or Blog

Boost your internet presence with business blogs! The more relevant keywords you rank for, the more likely you will win the battle over any important keyword search. Since video performs better than other content online,  including video on your new blog will give you another opportunity to rank for another keyword phrase.

6. Produce Videos Showing Behind-The-Scenes

Behind-the-scenes video content can be inexpensive and easy to create — plus, your audience will love it. It can reveal more about your company and its culture while driving an emotional connection with your current and potential customers.

7. Use Video As Part Of Your SEO Strategy

Making high-quality video content is the key to using video as a search engine optimization tool. But, in the end, video isn’t enough. You can think of it as a cycle.

Video increases your rankings, which means more people will see your site, which results in more clicks. However, if your on-page content isn’t what customers are looking for, they won’t spend much time there, which can hurt your rankings. The search engine won’t want to send users to a useless page if you host a low-quality video with little or no context.

8. ‘Meet the Team’ Video Concepts

Your product may be the best in the world, but if it evokes the image of a corporate, stuffy, or distant corporation, you’ll need help getting people to buy it. And the reason is simple: people are motivated by emotions. Your audience will feel more connected to your brand if you introduce them to the people behind it.

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