What do you Mean by Sequence Rules? Learn its Importance and Meaning

Sequence Rules

In our childhood, we got a mix of both indoor and outdoor games. However, with changing times, online gaming platforms like GetMega have been developed to provide the best of both worlds of indoor and outdoor games. The smooth User Interface of this gaming app allows individuals to experience fantastic gameplay. This online gaming app provides honest gaming in real-time. Also, on this platform, you can play a diverse range of games including a sequence board game.

Sequence is a strategy-based abstract board game and card game that involves some basic rules. This game can be played by both adults and kids (over 6 years of age). To play this game, you will need the sequence board having pictures of two decks of cards, 135 chips divided into 3 colours of green, blue and red (50 green, 50 blue and 50 red) as well as two standard decks of 52 cards. Sequence is a team-building game that can be played by 2 to 3 teams, each team consisting of 4 players. Based on the number of teams and the number of players, cards shall be distributed to each player. Further, to play this game all the players need to follow a set of rules known as the sequence rules.

So, without further ado, let’s proceed with the rules of a sequence board game. 

Understand the game objective

While playing a sequence, the players must aim to get two sequences which means that they have to place 5 same coloured chips together either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. 

Know how to play a sequence game

In this game, each player selects a card from the cards that are provided to him/her. Note that the cards provided to the players must be faced upward. After that, you must place your chip on the board having the exact same card that you have selected. By applying the sequence rules, players must strategically place 5 chips correspondingly either in horizontal, vertical or diagonal position to win the game. 

Learn the setting in a sequence game

You can play this game alone or with other participants. Also, this game allows players to create teams and play. Setting in a sequence game can be formed based on the number of players. 

If more than 3 players participate in this game, the teams will be like: 

  • For four players, two teams of two players will be created. 
  • For 6 players, two teams of three players will be created. 

After creating the teams, you need to distribute the coloured chips among every player of the teams, equally. For example, if there are two players, one will get red chips and the other will get blue chips which will be distributed among them equally. In case, there is a third player the green coloured chips will also be distributed accordingly. However, if you play this game in an online mode, you will be assigned the chips automatically which will ensure the game goes seamlessly. 

Know the sequence rules

Sequence rules are easy to understand. Since the game is kid-friendly in nature, the rules are quite simple. To get a better grasp of the game you must know the sequence rules. Further, these rules will also help you formulate strategies to win the game. 

At the beginning of this game, cards are distributed to each player based on the number of players playing the game. For instance, if there are two players, then the number of cards allotted to each of them will be 7. Again if there are three players, the number of cards allotted to each of them will be 6. 

As per the rules of sequence, no pictured cards are placed at the four corners of the board. Instead of having pictured cards, the corners have black circles that can be recognised as extra space from where a team can play 4 coloured chips, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If two teams play the game, both can use this free space simultaneously. For instance, if one team having 4 red chips places all of them vertically from the bonus space and the other team having 4 blue chips places the same horizontally, then both the teams will complete a sequence. 

This game also involves anti-wildcards. When a player sees one eye of the jack, he/she can use this card. You can use this card to remove your opponent’s chips. Remember, when you use this card your turn will be over. Also, you cannot use an anti-wildcard on an already existing sequence. 

If you play the card version of this game and you get a card of both the pictures of the exact card on the board which is covered by a chip, this will be called a dead card. However, if you play the online version, you will not get such cards.

In this game, two players need to make one sequence and three players need to make two sequences. Whoever makes the sequence first, is declared the winner. Also, according to the sequence rules, players can use one chip of their first made sequence to brand off the second sequence to win the game.

So, if you have learned about the sequence rules and their importance, consider playing it with your friends at your next party! Also, to experience a stress-free game, use the GetMega app.

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