What is Virtual Reality or VR Technology? Virtual Reality Applications

what is vr

What is Virtual Reality?

With the help of software and a unique style of presentation, the users are given a man-made environment that makes them feel like a real environment, and accepting this belief is called virtual reality or VR. The above virtual reality definition can lead us to the conclusion that Though the human has five senses, virtual reality can be felt or experience with only of the two senses are heard and sight.

The most basic virtual reality one can experience in real life is that of a 3-D image. This particular image can interact through a laptop’s or a PC’s screen. One can use the keyboard keys and the mouse in order to move the image in different dimensions. People also zoom in and zoom out the image to see and have the joy of the 3-D image.

Virtual Reality Applications

  1. The use of virtual reality in the field of education and training so that the audiences may feel more in a realistic environment and would learn more with the help of this technology.
  2. Children of the modern era cannot be distanced for more time from the games, virtual reality helps them in creating such images and the ultimate video games which are of attractive nature for the children. The parents on the other side can use virtual reality as a storyteller to the kids to gain their interest in education.

Virtual reality games

As mentioned earlier, Kids today cannot live without playing the game of their dreams, Also they use various gaming accessories like headsets so it is highly suggested to use VR prescription glasses along with it as it is designed to make it appear that the screen is at a good distance in front of you.

The Climb

The climb is a game that will help you in fighting your fear of heights. This game is like a movie, which has enormous mountains like that of Everest or k-2 on the big screen. In this game, you have to climb over the rocks to reach your destination. You will have to face the extremely high rocks for your life to be spared. One needs to be very sharp and attentive in order to pass the levels of this game.

If you are experiencing it the first time, then you can train yourself in the training mode. The mountains included in the game have been taken and used as virtual reality gaming from Europe, Asia, and N-America. The tourist lover will make the habit of playing this game once he has started playing it!

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The lab

It is one of the classic and best VR games. This game involves an interesting activity within a lab. A lab lover would be attracted by playing this game in the first moment. This game is also chosen from other fantastic minigames which are simple but addictive.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

This is one of the best games in terms of cooperation with other group members. In this game, you and other friends get together to own a ship that is being attacked and having certain trouble. The ultimate battle is with Klingons with an awesome final frontier.

Fantastic Contraption

This game was first made in 2008 and the remake of it was build again for mobile users and today it is now a VR, which can be found in homes of the game lovers.

In this game, you are going to organize uncertain and eccentric contractions in order to get solved the puzzles. It seems very easy to be played, but once you start playing it the creation of moving in the right becomes very difficult. One can not be frustrated playing this game any-how as the addiction of this game is 100% sure.

Lone Echo/Echo Arena

This game is famous in particular because of the excitement Mark Zuckerberg had shown in regard to this game on Facebook. In this game, an astronaut tries hard to solve a certain mystery in the space station near the orbits of Saturn. This game also has a multiplayer option, which is called Echo Arena.

Marvel Powers United

This game includes 16 different heroes to play with. It has even more combinations to set them free against your enemies. You will have very much attraction and fun playing this game. This game can be a little repetitive, but if you want to make it interesting, you need to get some friends together and then play. This game will be much more enjoyable with your buddies.

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