What Size Wineador Should I Buy?


A wineador is a useful tool for storing cigars. Its name comes from its functioning. It is a wine cooler that has been renovated to meet the needs of cigar smokers. This cooler is prepped to function as a humidor to store cigars. Cigars are already known for being elite and premium; however, they also require superior care. They need to be stored at a moderate temperature with stable humidity. Any cigar smoker will tell you how important those are for the shelf-life of a cigar.

The reason for turning a wine cooler into a humidor for cigars or a wineador cooler is that traditional cigar humidors can be very expensive. The prices may increase even more if you’re looking for a conventional humidor that will also keep the cigars cool in warm, fluctuating temperatures.

Like a good wine, cigars are also best when they’re aged. Without the use of a wineador, your cigars won’t last long. They’ll perish in a week or so, and you’ll be at the loss of your cigars and the money you used to buy them. Cigar collectors sometimes even store cigars for more than ten years before they smoke them.

To preserve your cigars, you will need a wineador that can keep your cigars perfectly maintained. Another reason why wineadors are so popular is that wine coolers are very easy to set-up in your house. Everyone has one, so why should you go out and buy a heavily expensive humidor.

What size wineador should you buy?

An average wineador should be able to store about 400 cigars. Any cigar smoker or collector may have a collection more significant than that, but we’re just working with an estimate. It depends on how fast you stock up cigars and how often you smoke them.

There are many different sizes and capacities available for wineadors. The capacity largely depends on the number of drawers and shelves in the wineador and their configuration. However, we will be working on estimates. The prices for every different size increase with the facilities they provide. That’s why a wineador with a higher capacity will cost you more. The two options available in wineador sizes are:


This is called a small wineador and can store around 100 cigars. If you’re someone who just started smoking cigars or does not have many cigars to hold, you may want to invest in a CC-100 wineador. It will not only be spacious enough for your cigar collection but will allow you to have more room for cigars in the future.


This wineador can hold up to 400 cigars. For cigar collectors and enthusiasts, this may not be enough. Collectors are known to have hundreds of cigars that they wish to store. In that case, it is recommended to get a bigger wine cooler and turn it into a wineador with the right cedar shelves. However, this is only recommended for people with sizable collections.


Wineadors are a great development in the history of cigars. They are an inexpensive way to store and cherish cigars all your life. Make sure to get the right one!


Image Source: “youtube.com – Uploaded by: The Humidor”

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