When Does Your Alfa Romeo Need Quality Service and Repair

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The stylish and modern-day classic Alfa Romeo promises the old-world charm in a powerful automobile. It is not just an assembly of components from the manufacturer, but the car also has character. Like all vehicles, this incredible beauty also needs timely servicing and maintenance to stay in shape.

Scheduling a service appointment at centres like Automoda is very easy and convenient. Servicing your car regularly is not only good for the overall engine health, but it also helps preserve the resale value of your Alfa, should you choose to upgrade to a bigger or more expensive vehicle in the future.

But the question is: how long to wait before the next service routine?

Alfa Romeo Maintenance

Whether your Alfa Romeo is new or has seen its fair share on the road, it needs constant maintenance. Without timely service, the vehicle’s consumable and durable parts get damaged.

By the time you notice changes in the vehicle’s performance, driving experience, or other issues, future repairs may become mandatory. To prevent this, visit the nearest Alfa Romeo service centre and ensure your car gets sufficient attention from trained professionals.

But if there is even a minor collision, visiting a service centre like Automoda can help ensure there are no underlying damages that may worsen in the future.

Caring for Your Alfa Romeo

The owner’s manual you receive during the purchase contains crucial information about recommended maintenance schedules.

Those guidelines suggest:

Oil Change

Change the oil when you get an alert on the dashboard – after 3,500-10,000 miles, depending on your driving habits. Irrespective of the indicator light, you should replace the engine oil and oil filter every 12 months.

Air Conditioner

Operate the air conditioner even in the cooler months to keep it in order. It helps the lubricant flow smoothly through the system and prevents the drying of sealing rings. With limited use, you must run the air conditioning system for at least 10 minutes every month.

Inspect and add the air conditioning refrigerant to ensure efficiency. Furthermore, get the pollen filter often checked by Alfa Romeo specialist mechanics if you drive in dusty environments.

Periodic Checks

Before a long trip, make sure there is adequate tire pressure and brake fluid. Check the wiper fluid reservoir, brake pads, drive belts, and rotate the tires if needed. Get your Alfa Romeo technicians to add antifreeze and other factory-recommended lubricants to improve cold starting.

When to Go in for Alfa Romeo Service?

Some of Alfa Romeo’s items are perhaps covered by an extended warranty and other maintenance plans. But you cannot take vehicle maintenance lightly.

Although the above tips are mere recommendations, your car may need servicing at any time. Parts like spark plugs, tires, wipers, etc., are prone to wear-related issues. Ignoring them would only lead to more trouble shortly.

Hence, you should find a service centre that is easily accessible. Look for an experienced team that specialises in Alfa Romeo models. They will have the necessary know-how.

It would help if the service centre provided complimentary maintenance services on smaller parts.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses with Regular Service

An Alfa Romeo’s components and maintenance needs are unique. If you neglect timely upkeep, you may end up spending a lot more on future repairs as a result of the negligence. Visit an Automoda location today to ensure your car gets the treatment it deserves.

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