Where to Purchase Aftermarket Parts for Your John Deere Cotton Picker

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As a farmer or John Deere dealer, where to purchase aftermarket parts for your John Deere Cotton Picker can be problematic due to various supply chain issues.

Coupled with that, sourcing spares online or via traditional channels has knock-on effects when spares do not arrive on time or the incorrect parts are supplied.

Depending on when this happens during the year, it’s either a minor inconvenience or a critical event, affecting harvest quality and profitability.

So, where do you turn when faced with the problem of unreliable supply?

What options are open to you and whom can you trust to get you what you need?

Well, that question is what we hope to answer for you.

Routine Maintenance & Repair Problems

When you’ve had your cotton picker parked up in the shed for the off-season and haul her out to grease her up, it’s always a bit of a stressful time. Because you just know that you’re going to come across something that doesn’t only need some grease to fix it.

And what’s the chance that the battery’s dead when you go to throw that power switch?

Yup, pretty good!

And it’s usually the newer models for some reason, as the older ones all seem to crank over really well and start after a few seconds.

But minor issues aside, the one thing that’s guaranteed to ruin your day is when you start your inspection, and right off the bat, you see that there’s something wrong.

Take, for instance, the rolling basket pickers when they fold out. That’s a pretty impressive piece of kit and the engineers at John Deere have done a great job of producing an awesome harvester.

But, hit the button and watch as it transforms from transport mode into harvest mode, only to see that you’ve got a hydraulic hose leak in the hardest-to-reach spot in the entire machine.

It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

It’s at times like these that you need reliable and trusted suppliers who can provide you with what you need in the shortest time possible.

And not only that, they need to offer service advice to ensure that you get the job done right.

You only get that from manufacturers and suppliers who have years in the industry and have an understanding of not only your equipment but your frustrations and urgency as well.

Where to Order Your Spares?

Original parts are best, but they’re expensive. After-market spares are cheaper but you get what you pay for.

The answer lies somewhere in the middle.

And American-made spares are what gets the job done, without the hassle of sub-standard steel or short-cuts in the manufacturing process causing issues down the line.

You need a supplier who keeps up to date with the improvements and innovations that make John Deere equipment as good as it is.

Suppliers such as Certi-Pik USA, are highly respected providers of cotton picker replacement parts and spares.

Whether you are repairing, rebuilding an assembly yourself, or are replacing worn items, they have everything you need in the way of replacements.

Certi-Pik offers parts for John Deere, as well as many other manufacturers’ products. They carry a huge inventory of cotton picker parts and spares that are manufactured in-house or by highly reputable local fabricators.

You only need to get on the phone and chat with one of their highly experienced staff to understand that they know the machinery intimately.

Their products are available via online ordering or through local distributors.

So, whatever your preference, they’ve got your back.

Fast shipping and quick deliveries are possible because of the stock level they carry. They know just what you need, almost before you know yourself.

If you’re stuck on a particular part number, then the online manuals, diagrams, and schematics assist in identifying what you need.

Alternative Order Options

Check out your local dealer to see whether they carry Certipik products. If not, they can easily order what you need.

John Deere OEM Parts

If you require original parts or spares, then the John Deere online store offers a huge variety of both critical parts and general maintenance items.

Scrolling through their home page, you’ll find a search option where you can enter the part or model number that you need.

You can even search via the catalog number.

Online ordering and delivery options make this a stress-free option.

Worthington Ag Parts

Another online ordering option is Worthington Ag Parts. They are independent distributors of non-OEM, aftermarket new, and used spares.

They supply quality parts at very competitive prices which can be delivered country-wide.

For more than 50 years, Worthington Ag has supplied a full range of manufacturers’ parts for all the most popular brands.

For those of you looking for 2nd-hand spares, they run a salvage yard as well.


Walmart has entered the spares market with a range of products on offer. If you are in a rush and need a spare part that is not too specialized, then Walmart may just have what you need.

NAPA Stores and Warehouses

The NAPA branded stores offer a distribution system that has more than 500,000 part numbers. This comprehensive list of spares is supported by a distribution network of 57 centers and 6,000 NAPA AUTO PARTS stores.

You can order online and have your spares delivered to your door.

Alibaba Marketplace

Alibaba is an online marketplace that, amongst a vast quantity of other products, offers a variety of agricultural parts and spares.

You will not get the service and advice from some of the other companies that we mentioned above, but the prices are competitive. You may also wait a bit longer for your orders to arrive due to international shipping delays.

Green Farm Parts

Green Farm Parts is focused on replacement parts for John Deere machinery.

They offer various cotton harvesting accessories and components that you can identify using their excellent parts diagrams. This cuts down on mistakes due to ordering the incorrect part.

With more than 50 years in the industry, Green Farm Parts are very familiar with the unique requirements of the farming community and do their best to provide affordable, good quality parts through the online ordering facility.

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