Which Fifty Fathoms Timepiece to Buy?

Fifty Fathoms Timepiece

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is one of the most-complicated and robust versions of Blancpain watches. But due to numerous variations, it seems a crucial task to filter out a best-suited timepiece for yourself, But no need to worry, Because we are here to help you with it. In this guide, we’ll show you the technicalities of different versions of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and make it easy for you to choose an ideal timepiece.

First, let’s see why this timepiece series is so much popular. The popularity of this series is based on the quality of Blancpain Watches. Each watch designed is so much innovative and embedded with different complicated watch features, that made it worth buying.

It was designed to beat the water depth measuring device, the Fifty Fathoms at that time and It’s done its job very accurately what it was made for.

Barakuda-Reference: 5008B 1130 B52A

A high-end Fifty Fathoms timepiece of all the time, The Barakuda famous for its distinctive design and high level of accuracy. This timepiece is powered by high-tech caliber 1151 for keeping the time precise as long as your heart is beating. Yeah, It offers the durability of a life-time.

The 100 hours of power reserve feature make it easy for you to wear it on your wrist and continue the flow of your busy daily schedule without the worry of winding, as it is based on self-winding automatic machinery.

Making ultra-slim watches while maintaining the complexities, is just become the tradition of Fifty Fathoms and is what cause the watch famous.

Let’s have a look on the dial, The black dial with unique indexes also has printed bands over the hours around the dial with polished steel case equipped with the black leather strap it reflects a gorgeous look.

500 Fathoms GMT Reference: 50021 12B30 52B

Reference: 50021 12B30 52B is an exclusive edition of Blancpain and comes with built-in multi-functionality. The main feature for which it is famous is the double timezone. Double timezone is a complicated watch feature specially designed for the travellers, if you love travelling or use to travel frequently because of your international business, the main thing you need is a timepiece with double timezone to stay in the timeline of both countries.

It will make your life easy as ABC.

To power this enhanced feature, Blancpain used Caliber 5215 movements in this timepiece as with more than 120 hours of power reserve. In addition to the dual timezone, this watch also features a Decompression valve to deal with the water pressure as the watch series name implies.

The dial is made of titanium and featured with the sail-canvas strap with the sapphire back. Only a limited number of this watch has launched, you may find a pre-owned version.

Bathyscaphe Reference: 5000 0130 NABA

Mid-level timepiece but worth buying because of its technical features that come at an attractive price point. The dial of this timepiece is covered with black material featuring grey coloured hours marker and indexes filled with luminescent material for an advanced level of readability.

The case is manufactured with a satin-brushed ceramic case. The ceramic material is used to feature anti-magnetic properties while providing a robust structure to deal with the environmental conditions.

The overall timepiece is powered by the same caliber in 1315 as featured in many Bathyscaphe watches by Fifty Fathoms. The mechanism is based on silicon balance spring a technical feature of this timepiece.

The Nato Strap gives this watch a premium feel. As the timepiece features 30 meters of water-resistant level, So Nato Strap will make it comfortable for you to wear it over your wrist.

Bathyscaphe Reference: 5000 1110 70B

Bathyscaphe with a bracelet made of steel with satin-brushed gives the more feeling of a luxurious timepiece. The dial of this timepiece features a grey, meteor look.

The unidirectional rotatable bezel ring with ceramic inserts and Liquidmetal hour markers is a unique thing that is covered by this model.

To enhance the working of this timepiece, it is equipped with high-quality Caliber 1315 for extreme exactness and accuracy of the mechanism.

By wearing a Fifty Fathoms watch, you’ll feel like you are wearing something valuable and precious. It will also boost your confidence level and make you focus on your work.

If you can have a look at the Blancpain Official site to explore all the timepieces launched in this series and so, can pick one of your choices.


Image Source:”www.flickr.com”.

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