Why is The Idea of “Batfleck” Taking Over the Internet?


Affleck’s convincing portrayal as DC’s Dark Knight has left fans like you craving to see the actor don his cape again. The demand for a Batman movie with Ben Affleck in the solo lead is trending online. Ben sure did impress his followers with his stunning depiction of the Gotham Saviour.

The internet is flooded with appreciation for Ben’s interpretation of the Caped Crusader. It is challenging to emote while wearing that gothic costume. The cowl appears cool on comic pages but to translate that bulky look convincingly on screen is challenging.

The Batfleck Craze Explained

From among the actors of his generation, Ben is tragically under-appreciated despite being fiercely talented. When the actor announced that he was no longer playing Batman in future installments, the Batfleck phenomenon flooded the internet.

Seeing a Batman movie with Ben Affleck in his cape again is a dream that his fans hope will realize someday. Here is why this talented actor scores high in this superhero role:

  • Looked the Part

Affleck brought a tormented, vulnerable, and dark version of Batman to the big screen, adding layers of depth to his character. His rigorous workout routine and diet ensured the bat-suit was an ideal fit. The pronounced jawline also enhanced the Batfleck appeal making his character look more cinematically convincing.

  • Convincingly Portrayed Anger

Affleck retains that anger throughout his portrayal of Batman, and convincingly so. His character is angry because, in his childhood, his parents were killed. This superhero is on a mission to prevent other kids from experiencing such immense loss. That deep-rooted anger is correspondingly reflected in Ben’s on-screen demeanor.

  • Inspiringly Redeemed Batman

Ben’s character got back on track to unify the Justice League despite hitting rock bottom. While he portrayed Dark Knight, you could sympathize with Affleck’s emotional journey. Ben ensured that your admiration for his role-play only grew and inspiringly so with each scene.

  • Led and United His Team

Ben’s portrayal as the first Batman to lead a team on screen and successfully keep them all united with a renewed sense of hope is praiseworthy. Despite Cyborg’s life falling apart, Affleck instilled a sense of purpose.

Helping Aquaman embrace his heroic destiny and saving his friend’s mother highlights Batman’s selfless journey. You can sense Batman’s excitement and hope for the future from the actor’s voice. His primary goal is to bring things full circle, and Ben’s character achieves this end by recruiting a formidable team and reviving Superman.

  • Broken But, Still a Savior

Despite decades of crime-fighting taking its toll, unspeakable tragedies damaging Batman’s costume, and a sense of disillusionment, a fallen hero is hard to digest. Ben sells that heartbreak through his laudable performance to his audience.

Thanks to Superman, who reminds Batman of his sole purpose, the latter’s engrained DNA becomes more evident. Even when not dressed in costume, Batfleck never stops trying to help others, even when running towards trouble.

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