5 Ways to Add Personal Touch to Your New Space After Moving

add familiar memories

Moving into a new house is one of the greatest joys of life. However, it also stirs up a plethora of emotions and you may take time to adjust to a new place.

As the moving dust settles down, personalise your home to fade away all the nostalgia attached to your previous house.

Transforming a “house” into your own “home” is not a pricey affair at all. You just need to think out of the box while creating a space that reflects your personality and feels like your little paradise.

Check over here for the 5 simple ways to add familiar memories to an unfamiliar environment without breaking the bank:

1. Create a gallery wall

The best way to infuse personal touch into your new home is by creating a mini gallery wall of framed family photographs, travel souvenirs, or any artworks that are priceless to you.

The gallery wall offers you the liberty to display your most cherished memories while beautifying the boring walls.

Make sure whatever you pick goes well with the interior decor of your home.  Decorate it beautifully as this could act as a centre of attraction in your new space. You can also hire an interior plant design service provider to do so.

2. Display your personal collections

Displaying personal collections is an excellent way to recollect your old memories and beautiful journeys in life.

It includes your favourite novels, portraits or academic excellence awards to make your place homey.

There is no strict rule to follow here, just go with your very own sense of style to showcase as much as possible but make sure to organise them well. Adding a scented candle from Devon Wick is always a great idea, you can keep your new space smelling good while adding your sense of style to your new home.

Do not clutter showcases with all these things. Keep it simple and subtle.

3. Setup an Aquarium

Red sea Aquarium can offer many health benefits. Studies going back as far as the late 1980s have shown that placing at aquarium fish reduces stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure.

A large aquarium is great, but if space is limited, you can also add a small Aquarium.

4. Incorporate vintage furniture & heirlooms

Make room for your precious heirlooms or vintage furniture. They may be an outdated piece of furniture but hold emotional value for the owners.

Having such items in your new space is an excellent way to share your family history with future generations.

You can add a vintage chair with modern accessories to infuse personal touch without it being too flashy or bright.

5. Matching accessories

You can incorporate your personal style by adding different accessories like cushions, pillows, curtains, candles, or costly rugs for kids which you can purchase from the online store iconicrugs.com.au.

Pick a theme and colour scheme that blends with your space and your taste, and place the accessories within this theme to allow your personality to shine.

Some of the tips to make your space homey are:

  • Place rugs in your living area to feel softness beneath your feet upon walking;
  • Throw pillows on sofas or chairs to make them more inviting;
  • Hang swings or hammocks for you to relax
  • Light up candles to create a soothing environment.

6. Invite green friends

Flowers and plants can create magic in your home and can even make a new place look and feel refreshing.

You can inject greenery by welcoming blooming bouquets, hanging mini herb baskets, creating a mini garden, or placing a flower vase on your dining table.

Not to mention, all the perks of having plants such as purify the indoor air, uplift the mood, and many more health benefits.

Final words

Above all, a home is a place where you can relax, enjoy, or can do whatever pleases you.

With a little creativity, and by following these tips, you can easily put your personal stamp on your new house.

Do follow all these steps well to create a comfy, happy space for you. And do not forget to throw a house party for your new neighbours and friends.

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