8 Awesome Activities with Your Husband

Activities with Your Husband

If you are looking to take on new adventures with your husband or simply to get out of the house and have some fun with him, there are activities that you can take part in. There are awesome things that you can do with your husband to grow closer and make memories.

  1. Take a Long Bike Ride Together

Whether you own bikes or you have to rent them, going on a bike ride with your husband can be a fun activity. You can find a destination a good distance away from your home that you would like to visit, and then you can push yourselves on your bikes and try to pedal all of the ways there. Bike rides allow you to see the scenery from a slower speed than you would see it at if you took the car, and you get good exercise when you ride a bike, too.

  1. Have Fun with Gel Blasters and Gel Balls

If your husband enjoys playing video games and you think that he would have some fun with a gel blaster, you might consider stocking up on gel blaster ammunition and then getting out to shoot with him in real life. Have fun playing around with tactical toys and living out some of the games that your husband enjoys.

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  1. Take an Art Class Together

If you are interested in pottery or painting, see if your husband would be willing to take an art class with you. The two of you can learn together, and you can create fun pieces for your home. You can compete with one another when you both take the same class and attempt to complete the same types of activities. Look into all of the local art class offerings and see if there is something that you can both agree on.

  1. Fly Kites at the Beach

If you are looking for something that is both fun and romantic that you can do with your husband, consider packing up a picnic lunch and heading to the beach. Purchase kites to fly by the water, and see how far up into the sky you can get them to go. Spend time talking and walking and just enjoying being with one another and keeping a pair of kites in the air.

  1. Have Fun at the Local Pool

You do not have to be far away from home in order to enjoy time at the pool with your husband. You might make a day of going to the local pool and just lounging in the water and in the chairs set up near it. Get some sun and spend time talking. Enjoy good weather and the pool that your local community offers to you.

  1. Go to a Concert Together

If you and your husband have never gone to a concert in the whole time that you have been married, it might be time to do that now. Consider some of the acts that are coming to the city nearest you and see if there is anyone who you would both like to see. Get dressed up in clothing appropriate for the artist that you are going to see and don’t be afraid to let loose and really get into the show.

  1. Go Restaurant Hopping

If you and your husband enjoy good food and you don’t want to simply go out to one restaurant for dinner, you might consider going restaurant hopping. Head to one restaurant for appetizers and another for dinner. Finish with dessert at a restaurant that is known for the sweets that it offers.

  1. Take a Camping Trip

If you would like to take on a whole awesome weekend with your husband, you might consider going on a camping trip with him. The two of you can get out in nature together and spend time away from other people. You might enjoy fishing while you are camping, or you might simply spend time hiking or sitting by the water to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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If you and your husband are looking for something to do together, think about things that you have not done before. Getting out to play with one another can help keep the two of you close.


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