Awesome April Fools Pranks for Kids

April Fools Pranks

April Fools’ Day is a celebration filled with practical jokes and hoaxes. During this day, everyone can get pranked, your kids included. Children usually love to prank others, so why should they be exempt from getting pranked themselves? Let them have a taste of their own medicine and equip yourself with silly gags and harmless jokes before the first day of April arrives.

In our article, we list awesome pranks that you can use to have some fun aside from the classic prank calls for kids. Most of them are also cheap and easy to do. At the same time, they are pretty harmless – none of them are dangerous or require synthetic urine, which is used for a lot of pranks.

After some retaliation, your kids are bound to fall in love with them and can even later try to use them on you. Let’s get started.

Ringing Bells Prank

Ring-a-ling. This prank is useful when you feel bored or when you want to have some fun with your kids. It’s easy to do and can be performed everywhere. To make matters even better, you need just a couple of items from your kitchen.

How to Make the Prank?

All you need is a bell or a timer and an electric mixer or blender. Connect the bell or the timer to the mixer or blender and set the timer to start ringing at a specified time. Set the mixer or blender to turn on at this time. When your kids hear the bell or timer, they will be sure that it is their friends ringing the doorbell, so they will get up from their daily activities and go to open the door. Just imagine their disappointment when they find out they were fooled by you!

Fake Money in Your Pocket Prank

This prank could be used on April Fools’ Day, but you can also try it out on any other random day of the year, like Halloween, for example. If you decide to play it in April, make sure you plan ahead and prepare your fake dollar bills in advance. This way, if your kids catch you red-handed, you can always blame it on April Fools’!

How to Make This Prank?

You will need an object like a fake dollar bill for this prank, as well as a marker and a piece of paper. The paper should be a little bit longer than the bill since it will be used as a case for your bill. So, draw a dollar bill on the paper and add a little tab at one of its ends. Then, cut out the bill and attach it to the tab on the paper. Now all you need is two pieces of tape – one for attaching one of them onto your bill and another for attaching one onto your money pocket.

If you don’t have a money pocket yet, you can make one with your pocket calculator or cell phone case. Insert your fake dollar bill into your money pocket and attach it with tape so that it looks like a real bill in a real money pocket! Finally, make sure you have some real dollar bills in your pocket so that your kids will believe that you really have money on you!

The Doggy Door Prank

The dog is known to be man’s best friend. But not every man is happy to have a dog. Some people have allergies, and some simply don’t like dogs. If your kids are in love with dogs and you don’t like them, you can make your kids think that you have changed your opinion and have decided to have a dog!

How to Do It?

First, get a picture of a dog and stick it onto a piece of cardboard so that it can be easily carried around. Then, put the cardboard on the ground right in front of your door. If you can, make sure you are wearing gloves. When your kids come up to you to ask what you are doing, say that you are working at home and that you have decided to have a dog!

Since your kids know that you don’t like dogs, they will definitely be excited about this! They will want to know what breed of dog you are planning to get! Walk up to the cardboard and stomp on it. Then, go inside and tell your kids that you will take them to the dog store so they can choose their own new dog!


Though some of us fear the April Fools pranks, a great majority of people await this day, hoping to trick their neighbors or members of a family. The thing is, most people are aware of what could be in store for them on this day, which is why your pranks need to be sophisticated so that your victims won’t know what’s coming. If you don’t consider yourself a particularly creative person, then there’s no need to worry.

In this article, we have included some of the pranks that will help you ensure that you succeed at generating a lot of laughter on this or any other day!

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