Best Free Bass Amplifier Simulators that You Should Try

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Recording an audio project that resonates with your target audience comes with many sound effects and mixes. These sound effects are products of various musical instruments. For audio projects in the rock and roll music genre, you need a solid bass amplifier to do the job of properly powering the bass guitar.

Since these amps can be pretty expensive, an amp simulator can come in handy. This will ensure you don’t spend a lot of money. However, you should know that getting an efficient amp simulator for your bass instrument can be an uphill task.

It gets even more difficult when you consider that many of these products promise way more than they are really able to deliver. This article will discuss some of the best simulators that you can find in the online market. Let’s get started.

Some of Our Recommendations

The Bass Amp Simulator is an audio plugin that emulates the amplifier to enhance the bass guitar sounds and other musical instruments with low-end pitches. They come in various formats (AU/ VST/AAX/RTAS) and can work with most 32 or 64 bit Windows and Mac operating systems.

To gain more insights into the plugin formats and how to use them, you can check

The following are our top picks for free amp simulators that really work.

GK Amplification (Version 2 LE)

This software is an emulation of Gallien-Krueger MB 150 amp. You can use it as standalone software or within a DAW. This release is the lite edition of the Pro version but has all the functionalities and control of the paid version.

It provides a single speaker, amp model, as well as a mic option. However, it is also great for home recordings and live performances that do not require a large audience. It supports 32/64 bit Windows operating systems and also works on Mac OS.

SHB-1 (Ignite Amps)

This simulator was modeled after the line’s Extreme version, an amp custom-built for the Subhuman Band’s bass player.

The simulator offers a variety of sound effects. Whether you want the tight funky sounds, or the very thick low-frequency tones, down to the distorted vibes of heavy metal grooves, it has you covered. You can use it in live performances, audio recordings, or practice. The amp works on Mac and 32/64 bit Windows operating systems.

Doctor Bass

The Doctor bass offers a simple user interface with five controls that let you tweak your sounds the way you want. The controls are simple EQ with Low, Mid, and High controls, a Gain knob, a Power and Master knob, and a Counter knob.

You also get to enjoy four cabinet simulations. However, this amp is only available in VST format and supports the 32-bit Windows operating systems only.

TSE BOD (version 3)

This plugin was modeled after the Bass Driver Direct Inject pedal from SansAmp. It provides EQ controls, distortion, and presence to help you tweak your bass the way you want. The TSE BOD v3 supports the 32/64 bit operating systems and comes in VST, AAX, and AU formats. It has a simple user interface and does not consume a lot of CPU power.

Custom Shop by Amplitube

This plugin can be used as a standalone tool or within the framework of a Digital Audio Workstation. You could also find the plugin in VST /AU/AAX formats. This is among the best bass amp simulators in the free version.

The plugin offers a digitalized chromatic tuning function, four amps, three mics, nine stomps, two rack effects, and 24 models to help your tweak your audio projects. You might want to try the paid version if you want more effects.

Bass Grinder

This simulator from the stables of Audio Assault comes with a very simple user interface. It also provides three cabinets and two amplifiers. The controls are designed for ease of use.  And it comes in VST/AAX/AU/RTAS formats for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Bass Deluxe

The highly advertised “fat sounding” amp simulator provides two easily controlled channels. It lets you switch between two different tones with the same fader and knob positions. The plugin offers a compressor that has a slow and fast release switch.

It is designed with four cabinet simulations, a tuner, a beatbox, and six pedals to help you create and play your drumbeat from the plugin. Plus, a looper that lets you record 48 bars that you can always playback. The boost switch also provides you with an EQ, A ‘Drive” knob, a volume knob, and presence control.

I guess, with these plugins, you are set to record your audio projects without hassles. You might also want to check here to learn more tips on recording and mixing vocals.


The truth is that you might have the best bass amp simulators and still end up with crappy music. It doesn’t determine that your project is going to be the next hit song in town. But it will surely add that acoustic spice to your beats.

In addition, bass amp simulators help you save time and stress and reduce noise in your home. You don’t have to deal with too many instruments or bother about room acoustics. If you love good music and you also love the digital side of life, you should be making a pick already.

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