What is a Solo Ad & How to Build Solo Advertising Network?

Solo Ad

When a businessman signs up to buy solo ads from Petar, they are assured of getting the best full screen optimized solution for their solo ads campaign. The users are targeted in such a way that the company gets a guaranteed view on the advertiser’s website.

The solo ad appears on the customer’s email list only once a day, hence he will not end up on the same website repeatedly. These solo ads have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool as they attract a large amount of traffic. It is an easier form of advertising in which a wide audience can be reached all at once.

What is a Solo Ad?

In order to promote a product or service, a company buys Solo Ad traffic from a vendor, which is essentially an email, sent out or broadcasted to a potential buyer. The solo ads agencies charge the client on a ‘Per Click’ basis from the email lists that they own. You can always research and find the vendor with the directory of contacts that you are looking for particularly for your own business type.

It is best to consult your traffic providers, before investing in the solo ad traffic for your company’s sales and work out a deal with them in advance. Once you have the ground rules and charges figured out, provide them with the web link for which you need to buy the traffic.

Simplicity is a Virtue

By placing solo ads, the marketing process becomes fairly simple for the advertising company and it also reaches a mass population in no time. In order to begin the solo Ad marketing, the advertiser needs to create an ad campaign to be featured and also keep managing it on an ongoing basis.

When the campaign appears at its desired destination in a customer’s inbox and the customer clicks on the web link provided by the company, a full-screen pop appears on the screen, overwhelming the customer immediately. The marketers then need to analyze the results that they achieve from the customer database purchased from a solo Ad company and optimize their performance accordingly. Solo ads are an easy to use custom interface advertising system that the marketers of the contemporary times are using vigorously.

Buy Solo Ads Traffic that converts

The solo ads traffic has been made available to marketers, product creators, and multi-level opportunists by spending a nominal fee. This is a cheaper and easier way of marketing than placing ads with major search engines or social media platforms. The human traffic that the advertising company purchases is updated on a regular basis with only the targeted customer database available for your solo ad space. Everything is double-checked!

The conversion to sale cannot be guaranteed, but by focusing on the niche audience with your solo ad, you can expect a good turnaround. The advertiser is almost making money online by reaching out to his customers through this virtual platform.

Becoming the Top Seller

Peter Solo Ads browses through various social media platforms, other solo advertising websites and online groups to build on their solo ads traffic. These solo ad companies perform a variety of functions for their advertising companies such as generate sales for their marketers, build conversion rates, increase customer responses, conduct in-depth research, etc.

The maintenance of a Solo Ads directory for businesses is not an easy task. The solo ads traffic purchase however majorly depends on the sales and conversion rate of the supplier of the database. If the customer’s solo ad experience is positive, it converts to a sale automatically.

Getting Results by Purchasing Traffic

Once you buy petar solo ads traffic from 7daysbuyer, it is advisable to keep a track of the link featured in your ad campaign. By targeting your niche demographics, the advertising company starts making money online just by setting up a campaign. But if you do not keep a track of your conversions and sales, you may end up spending more than the budgeted amount.

Tracking your sales is the key element of a solo ad sale process. A conversion rate of over 35% will work in favor of the advertising company. Conversion rates above 50% are desirable but highly unachievable with this medium of advertising.

Track Your Statistics

The solo ad traffic purchasing company ought to have a positive approach and realistic sales expectations. If you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your solo ads traffic, you can always provide positive reviews and referrals to your vending company. You can buy solo ads traffic for any offer that you want to promote for your company.

7 Days Buyer offers an excellent solo ads platform for buyers and sellers, with the highest customer service standards. With their solo ads traffic, new companies along with the long existent ones can reach new potential opportunities for sales.

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