Call Of Duty: Top Tips To Become A Pro Gamer

call of duty


  • Do you have a fire within you?
  • Do the bubbles of Fire Excite you?
  • Are you adamant?
  • Are you bad and aggressive?

Just don’t dare ignore the deluge in you…. Did you see the wide open horizon?

Jump in wild Ecstasy….and finally….WELCOME TO PRO GAMING.

Call On Duty

Gaming is such a platform that provides you with an opportunity to use your ingrained passion to the fullest. Games unleash the world of the brave, daring, and steel hearted.

Call on duty is a shooting video game from the first person-erspective.

It was released by Activision, and the game was first initiated in 2003.

It is a Series of games. The games are focused primarily on World War II. Other games in the series include Treyarch (2006) and Call on Duty 4: Modern Game. You could download these games from pirate bay mirror.

Thereafter it went through reforms in the form of  Infinite Warfare (2016) and Modern Warfare in 2019.

A Professional Player

Call on Duty took the entire world by storm. The Franchise went on to inspire players from all corners.

Becoming a professional player is not easy. There are certain quality to become a professional player:

  • Passion.
  • Dedication.
  • Hard Work.
  • Temperament.
  • Winning Attitude.
  • Play Hard.
  • Come what may.

Top Tips To Become A Successful Pro Gamer 

Hey Hard Shooters!!! The Call On Duty is Knocking at the threshold. Are you tightening up your gear? Yes..the first-ever Call on Duty World Finals are set to kick Start.

Moving on with competency… There are certain ways through which an individual could turn into a professional  Call on Duty Player.

A Lot Of Practice 

You know the game. It’s not an easy game to play with a whisker. It’s not a rebellion against the Tea Cup. You need a lot of hard work.

You need to put so many things at stake because the game requires quite some devotion and practice.You need to ensure that you devote your time to the game.

This is essential for getting accustomed to the twists and turns…levels of difficulties.

Generally a top player adheres regimentally to the practice schedules against the competitor of above level.

Climb The Ladder 

If you want to become a  professional player, the hunger to win and stretching beyond  your limits must be your passion.

The main element is familiarising yourself with the hierarchy of the levels of Competition. This is a requirement for the professional levels for sure.

Competing In Tournaments 

Competing in online tournaments is a great thing … probably the best thing for you. This is because there is a lot of difference between playing and practising.

The ideal  way to start your journey as a Call of Duty: Professional Gamer is to compete on a match on,, and UMG, etc.

Online tournaments are hosted on the sites on a daily basis.

Reach Out To The Team Managers 

Once you attain the rank then make sure that you reach out to the managers of different teams. You could ask them about the selection process with courtesy and respect.

You need to be extremely patient and that must reflect in your query. You need to be extremely clear and precise regarding what you are asking.

Hone  Your Weapons (Upgraded Equipments)

When you are right there..there must not be an iota of doubt on your skills…Competency…killer attitude …and yes, Equipments.

You need to persistently work to get the best of Keyboards, Mouse and Monitor. This will help in development into  the overall game.

And make sure that you’ve had enough practice before the face off !!!

Be Patient 

Getting recognised by the top organisations might seem to be an extremely difficult affair. But you need to continuously believe in yourself and your ability.

You will have to remain patient and you can not lose on your patience at any point of time.  Team up with people and get yourself persistent practice with similar teams as well as against the ones that are superior to you.

Final Thoughts  

Becoming a professional player is quite a difficult task altogether. One needs to be highly skilful in adjusting to the conditions and levels.

Becoming a Pro in Call on Duty is not easy. It takes a lot of  Practice, Patience, Perseverance, Professionalism and Passion to be a PRO.

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