Christmas Day – History, Background, Celebration


What is Christmas Day?

Christmas Day or Xmas, celebrated on December 25th every year, is an essential Christian festival which is celebrated by billions of people around the world. It is mainly celebrated by Christian communities spread all over the world, but many non-Christian communities of the world, also celebrate it with the same joy. It’s a religious and cultural festival of Christians that commemorates the birth of holy Jesus Christ.

India is the country where we celebrate every festival with full of joy, and this festival is one of them. This festival also marks the beginning of the holiday season.

Origin of Christmas

In Christianity, they believe that this was the day when Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. Therefore, in celebration of the birth of Jesus, people started to celebrate this festival.

The Bible says the History and the origin of Jesus Christ’s birth, but there is no exact date depicted in the Bible. Bible says that Mary was about to be married to Joseph. But before they both got together, it was found by Joseph that she was already pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Joseph was aware of the law of society, the fundamental laws. So he hid this to all so that Mary did not face any problem. He also decided to divorce her secretly in his mind that night.

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The story further says, that night when he (Joseph) was in deep slumber, an angel of the Lord appeared in his dream saying that, “Joseph, Oh, son of David. Don’t be afraid to accept Mary as your wife; she is as pure as a version goddess. A pure soul. Everything that is happening here is a part of God’s plan.”

The angel also told Joseph that Mary would give birth to a son and told him to give him the name JESUS. She told that Jesus would save people from their sins, and all this was done to fulfil what was said by the prophet.

Bible says that the child born in Bethlehem that night named Jesus Christ was the “son of God”. Bethlehem is the city near Jerusalem in Israel where Jesus was born. Some communities say he was Yehudi. There are many more conspiracies about Christ’s birth. Some other communities believe that this December 25th isn’t the exact date of Jesus’s birth. But no one knows what the truth is.

History of Christmas & Facts

Facts and History says that the first date when Christmas was celebrated as December 25th 336 AD. This was the time when Emperor Constantine was on the throne of the Roman Empire, who was the first Christian Roman Emperor. A few years later, officially this was declared by Pope Julius that Jesus Christ’s birth would be celebrated on December 25th.

The idea of the Christmas tree was taken from the sacred tree which is mentioned in the Bible called “Paradise tree”. Some stories say that the trend of the Christmas tree started in mid of the 17th century in Strasbourg, France. After that, this culture of Christmas tree spread across to the world.

Christmas Day Celebration

People clean and decorate their entire house with lights and Christmas themes. People, especially children, love decorating the small Christmas tree with those little blinking lights, and people offer holy hymns and prayers to Lord Jesus.

Christmas for kids has always been like waiting for the present from Santa. They write their wish and keep it in socks and on the next morning, they always found or saw that present near the pillow or the socks which they keep below the Christmas tree. Still, wonder does Santa Claus gave those gifts!!

In the evening, people visit the church and light candles and make prayers to Lord Jesus. Delicious Christmas cakes are cut to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Those fruity Christmas cake! Who does not love them?

Everyone enjoys Christmas party, and the main attraction is that white-bearded fat guy with the red hat and costume whom we call Santa! Everyone dances on the musical beats of Santa Song

“Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way,

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh”.

Connection to India

Indian History shows that Goa has a historical connection with Portuguese. Maybe Christianity started in India from that time, and people started celebrating Christmas in India. Besides all the facts, History and conspiracies, we all together celebrate Christmas in our country.


The festival is of immense importance for Christians. People spend time with their family, friends, and relatives. It promotes love and happiness and is celebrated with extreme excitement and joy worldwide.

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