Photographer’s Choice: Converting PDF To PNG

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Photographers are naturally talented people who have a sharp sense of quality artistry. They see the extensive beauty of simplicity and transform it into a creative narrative. Basically, that also means that they are also very keen and particular with image quality. For these professionals, quality is always at the top of their priority list. 

In today’s modern file distribution, most recorded data are uploaded and transmitted through various online platforms. Most of these files are transformed into PDF as it is the most convenient file format that works on most devices. If you are searching for the perfect PDF to PNG converter tool that works online and free, then you found the right article. 

Flexibility of PDFs

Before we discuss how to convert PDF to PNG, we will first have a little backtrack of our revolutionary PDFs. Bestowing a “flexible” adjective to the portable document format somewhat feels like an understatement. Because PDFs are the most versatile file format ever to exist! 

They won’t be called revolutionary if they have not surpassed every electronic file’s usual dilemma. The dream of a paperless office was untapped by PDFs, and they achieved the most convenient printing procedures without degenerating quality content. They also work correctly with all computer devices and programs, making everything more convenient! 

Why Choose PNG Over Other Formats?

Although several file formats are available for images, the main comparison usually goes with JPG and PNG. Besides, no definite structure would fit all images, unlike how PDF blends well with all other designs. It would depend on the user’s preference; PNG is the best option for highly-technical photo enthusiasts. 

First, it has a higher compression quality than others, making it ideal for HD photos at weddings and events. Although JPGs are more compact and more comfortable to upload, PNGs are more preferred by photographers and experts that are more particular with quality than quantity. So to learn how to convert your PDF to the PNG format, see the procedure below. 

The User-Friendly GoGoPDF

The very easy-to-use GoGoPDF converter tool requires only a few clicks before you achieve your highly preferred PNG. These are the only things you need: a computer or laptop, a stable internet connection, and your high-quality image in the portable document format. When you have all of these prepared, you can proceed to convert:

  • On the GoGoPDF home page, select the PDF to the PNG option. 
  • Click the select file option and locate your PDF. Upload the PDF and wait for a few seconds. 
  • After uploading a PDF, GoGoPDF will automatically produce another colorful loading meter as it converts your file. 
  • And your task is done! Your PDF is now converted to PNG and is ready to download. For faster social media sharing, you can also copy the PNG file URL. 

However, if you are more of a JPEG or JPG user, you can still optimize the provided tools of GoGoPDF. The converter tool also works both ways, allowing you to convert from and to PDF. If you also need to convert Word, Excel, HTML, PDF/A, and PowerPoint, you can try out their versatile converter tool and see more of what you can get! 


Maximizing the GoGoPDF tools can make your daily tasks have smoother transitions. With its tools’ versatility, you can save both your time and effort. You also need not worry about your file’s privacy; GoGoPDF adheres to the best consumer privacy protocols and ensures your uploaded files’ full protection.

GoGoPDF will permanently remove your uploaded files after 60 minutes once you have finished your task. Your PNGs will remain within your collection only.

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