Essential Road Trip Tips That You Shouldn’t Forget

Essential Road Trip Tips

Going on a road trip is one of the most affordable ways to travel and see new places. According to founder and CEO of travel website ViaTravelers, Kyle Kroeger, says travelers should budget at least $1,000 for a long road trip. Road tripping opens countless opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable adventure, connect with nature, interact with new people, and try out exciting activities. But before going on an epic road trip with your dog, friends and family, or solo, there’s a lot of planning you need to do.

This step includes budgeting, picking a destination, and ensuring your ride is safe and comfortable. There are other factors road-trippers need to consider, but too often they overlook them and end up having a stressful vacation. Read on to learn essential road trip tips you ignore or didn’t know. Then use them whenever you’re planning a long journey to make your holiday memorable.

Prepare Yourself for the Journey

While it’s crucial to ensure your car is in perfect condition before a road trip, make sure you’re mentally and physically ready to hit the road. First, familiarize yourself with the routes you’ll be taking to reach your destination. Consider mapping your route using road trip planner apps like Google Maps, Roadtrippers, and Waze. Then, pack all the essentials, including water and snacks, a first aid kit, toolbox, and a paper map.

Also, get enough rest the day before your road trip. Travel experts recommend writing contact details of people you can count on in case of an emergency. You should also check your mobile phone range to ensure you can reach your contacts from anywhere.

Be Cautious of Gas Mileage

Fuel will use up a big part of your road trip budget. So, it’s important to learn how to save money on gas. The last thing you want is to run short of cash while on the road. One way to reduce fuel consumption is by slowing down acceleration. For instance, let’s say you want to go from 0 to 60 mph. Consider slowing down your acceleration time to about 15 seconds. This trick helps you save gas mileage by 30%.

You can also save gas mileage by cooling the vehicle’s transmission. Remember, a car’s transmission prevents the engine from overheating when you change gears. Transmissions, both manual and automatic, also keep the engine’s revolution per minute low, thus reducing fuel consumption. To cool down your vehicle’s transmission, place them in neutral when waiting on long traffic jams or lights. Besides cooling your car’s transmissions, avoid loading excess weight, keep your tires properly pressurized, and avoid driving on rough terrain.

Book Accommodation in Advance

Making hotel reservations before your trip is a sure way of finding affordable accommodation. Therefore, search for hotels at your holiday destination. It pays to use the Internet to compare rates, read customer reviews, and make reservations. This move eliminates the need to stop at every hotel on your desired route to check availability and prices, thus saving time and fuel. If you plan to find accommodation once you’re on the road, reserve a room at your preferred hotel before mid afternoon.

Road tripping is fun, as it gives you a chance to explore unfamiliar places at your own pace. However, planning is essential to make the most of your road trip. Besides setting a trip budget and choosing a destination, prepare yourself mentally for the trip. Also, learn how to save gas mileage and book accommodation in advance.

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