Features you Must Check While Buying a New Phone

Buying a New Phone

Choosing the right smartphone for your needs has never been easy but with the various options available in the market it can be a difficult task. So it becomes more difficult to find a phone that satisfies our varied needs.

Nowadays, we have a lot of features to choose from, but with that, it is also difficult to pick the one that suits our needs. Each one of us wants a smartphone that not only has awesome features but will also last for a long time. And this is the reason that we are always on the lookout for those phones that are powerful, durable, and come with a long-lasting battery.

In this article, we will guide you about what things you should consider while buying a new phone.

1. Display and price

The size and resolution of a display will vary depending on how one uses their smartphone. If one often plays videos or does other processor-intensive tasks, then a 6.6 to 6.9-inch display should suffice and the refresh rate of the phone must be 120Hz. An example of this type of phone is an honor x9 5g that comes with a 6.81 panel supporting a 120Hz refresh rate. The honor x9 5g price is also reasonable as it is a midrange phone.

However, if a person wants to buy a phone for professional and lightweight tasks like emails, chatting, and browsing social media apps like Twitter or Facebook then a smaller display like 5-inches to 5.5-inches with a 60Hz refresh rate is also ok. For these lightweight tasks, a midrange mobile phone like honor 8x is a good-to-go option.

2. Battery

The kind of battery a smartphone runs on depends heavily on the kind of apps, videos, and music that the owner might use. Of course, it’s not always the phone itself but all from operator to user habits that can make all the difference at times which is why we’d recommend getting a phone with at least 3,500 mAh or more, especially if you’re someone who tends to indulge in lots of streaming or gaming without any breaks. You can also go with a 3000mAh battery phone if your phone usage is merely average/light browsing and mostly making calls. You can easily use this amount of battery for 6-7 hours on every charge.

3. Camera and processor

Camera specifications such as aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, and autofocus are all critical for getting great shots. Just having a higher number of megapixels on your smartphone’s camera does not mean you will get the best photos because there may be other important details that will make or break a shot. So when choosing what kind of phone to buy, take into consideration what your professional duties (or personal interests like photography) might call for out of a camera system.

Now when it comes to the processing power of a smartphone, it depends on several factors such as the software used, (UI), bloatware, and more. As a general rule of thumb, the running apps indeed have priority in CPU usage but some applications run in the background until you explicitly stop them. So before buying a phone, have a look at what type of apps you are going to use on this new mobile phone.

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