Female Dog Collars: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Dog Collars

Collars are a necessary part of dog ammunition. Today, the choice of these accessories is wide. In addition to the products of leading manufacturers, store shelves are full of products from little-known companies. Also, collars with various additional devices appear. A large selection of Waudog girl dog collars allows you to choose the best accessory for all occasions.

Purpose of a Dog Collar

The Waudog USA name is quite popular among dog owners. Its collars for dogs perform several custom functions. Firstly, it is designed to limit the dog’s freedom of movement and, in combination with the leash, they are the primary means of control over the dog. It is perhaps the most critical functional purpose of collars, and it ensures both the safety of others and the pet itself.

Secondly, girl dog collars often perform a decorative function and act as an obligatory accessory when the dog participates in competitions and exhibitions.

Collar Care Instructions

Depending on the material, the collar care methods differ. Leather collars are very capricious of moisture, although they are reliable. It is undesirable to wet them. If this still couldn’t be avoided, the leather shouldn’t be overheated during drying, and it is forbidden to dry it near an open fire.

Synthetic products are extremely unpretentious — a dog can bathe even in seawater in them. They can often be washed, both by hand and in a washing machine. But you shouldn’t buy female dog collars with many brackets, rivets, buckles, and metal jewelry. Metal elements in belts are prone to rust, which reduces strength and spoils the appearance.

How to Get Your Dog Used to a Collar

Usually, puppies begin to be taught to wear a personalized collar for three months. But you have to do it very gradually so as not to cause a feeling of fear or disgust in such a must-have accessory. If your cute dog collars girl doesn’t wear a collar from an early age, it obviously will not react to such innovation with a sense of delight. Therefore, in the first days of training, the dog will feel uncomfortable.

To reduce stress and facilitate the process of becoming accustomed to wearing a Waudog USA collar, a puppy should sniff it and get to know the new attribute in a calm home environment. After the collar is put on the dog, it is recommended to distract it with games or give the already familiar, favorite treat. It is also advisable to put on the collar just before eating as a hungry pet is likely to focus on food, which will allow it to forget about the new accessory for a while.

It is highly undesirable to leave a puppy in a collar for the whole day. Therefore, it is necessary to act gradually, without forcing events but observing the regularity. It is enough to allocate only ten minutes for wearing a collar for the first time. It is essential not to remove the collar from the dog if the pet is currently trying to perform such a maneuver on its own. Otherwise, the wrong behavior model will involuntarily be fixed in the pet, which can sometimes be difficult to wean from.

It is important to remember that the collar is an indispensable and almost permanent accessory. Still, for hunting dogs, on the contrary, such an attribute often becomes redundant and can cause injury to the animal in the process of chasing prey. Usually, dogs wear customized Waudog USA collars for decorative purposes and as a product that allows you to fasten a leash or an anti-lost tracker that helps find a lost pet.

Waudog USA offers different types of girly dog collars. There are several names: waterproof, nylon, leather, and re-cotton. Moreover, you can customize them. If you approach the choice of accessories and raise your pet with responsibility and love, the dog will reciprocate and give you many happy moments!

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