Hiring Your Next Edmonton-Based Recruiter


Whenever some company mentions that they’re working with a recruiter, what they really mean is that they’re working with a contingency specialist. Many people think that this is the best way to approach the entire sector.

These types of recruiters don’t get any money unless a position gets filled. Plenty of organizations and companies can work with them since they mainly specialize in a particular niche. There are a lot of great things about working with them, but the best thing is definitely the incentive. Click here for more info.

Unless they give you what you’re looking for, they’re not getting paid. This is the main reason behind their specialization. Additionally, they don’t work with too many clients, and they always opt to keep their volume low.

All of these factors combined to give you a personalized experience compared to hiring an agency. When you look at an agency, the main incentive is to fill a position quickly. Agencies are always the better option when it comes to looking for seasonal workers. However, if you’re trying to find a long-term partner for your success, contingency is the way to go.

Things to focus on

If you want to get the best talent, you need to pay the highest price. That’s just how the world works. Since recruiters get paid when they fill a position, they’re always willing to direct their top applicants to companies that can manage to pay the highest costs.

That’s why it doesn’t make sense to settle for less or negotiate the prices. Volume plays a medium role here since whenever they find a good candidate, they are invested in finding them a job position. Follow this link for more info https://www.contractormag.com/management/marketing/article/21170360/how-to-create-a-recruiting-brochure.

Additionally, when you get what you’re looking for, they’re going to charge you a percent of the starting pay of the candidate. That can range anywhere from twenty to thirty percent.

Some truths about working with recruiters

First of all, they actually want their clients to land a job. Since their main source of income is the commission they get from their clients, it makes sense for them to want to find what’s best. If their clients don’t land a job, they don’t get the money.

For that reason, everyone who doesn’t want to be low-balled needs to specify the range in advance. The main reason for the negative stigma these past couple of years has been because plenty of agencies have persuaded their clients into roles that aren’t a perfect fit.

It’s always important to speak up when it comes to picking a job. Furthermore, since they have to keep the company’s interests in mind, they can’t tell the job seekers everything. Let’s say that someone is a perfect fit for a role.

However, a company has issued out that they have too many males on a team, and they need at least two female hires before another male candidate can have a chance. No one likes that to happen, but it often happens.

That’s when the Edmonton recruitment agency can’t tell you anything, and they might tell their clients that the company isn’t interested. Oftentimes, there are a couple of things that are happening behind the scenes. The thing that seekers can do is to ask for feedback. Resume faults are easy to point out, but sometimes it’s something that is outside of their control.

Can AI help in this niche?

Artificial intelligence is one of the most trending topics since it helps recruiters by intelligently screening candidates. Most people can agree that shortlisting people from a large group is extremely difficult. That’s why applicant tracking software is one of the best things to invest in.

When you put in the numbers, it can analyze experience, merits, performance based on the data you put in. It can also learn from previous hires and improve upon the existing models. Technology is going to play an even larger role in the future, and there has been a rise in chatbots that work as assistants.

They can help to get basic info from candidates and then rank them based on their answers. This creates a perfect funnel of talent that can be sourced later on. One of the best things about using this type of software is that it never forgets, and it can rediscover candidates that could have been missed by human error.

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