How Do You Create the Perfect Hamper for Corporate Gifting?

Corporate Gifting

Gifting has been part of different cultures from around the globe for centuries now. Meanwhile, gifts can be a great way to communicate love, gratitude and appreciation towards somebody. As such, corporate gifting is a giant industry valued at over $242 billion by a study conducted by Coresight Research and sponsored by GiftNow.

It is, however, often a matter that requires extreme care and thought to create appropriate and presentable corporate gift hampers for clients.

Everyone needs assistance when it comes to creating the perfect hamper. Read on to find out how to do it with relative ease.

Think of the Receiver, Not the Giver

Preparing a list of attributes (gender, age, and lifestyle) or qualities that describe the individual or individuals receiving the present may be an excellent idea. Take into account the event — the more one pays attention to this element, the more likely one is to find the ideal gift.

The receiver’s interests, not the givers’, should be reflected in gifts. Make sure that the decision isn’t based upon what the giver wants rather than what the recipient wants.

It can be a smart idea to contact a close friend, the receiver’s secretary, or a colleague who can help with choosing a gift.


Think about giving something valuable to the receiver rather than something they might give away to someone else. Consider giving things that are well-crafted (no matter what the budget) yet practical and helpful so that they are used regularly.

A good quality notebook, branded leather product, high-quality stationery, or workplace accessories, for example, are excellent gift ideas.

Giving sugary treats and condiments nowadays is not the same as it used to be. Most people are health-conscious, so they may never eat the sweets and instead give them away. Rather, opt for something one-of-a-kind and hand-picked that will last them a long time.

Personalising the Gift

When sending a gift to a large group of individuals, it’s an excellent idea to emboss or engrave the sender’s company name at a place on the product that isn’t too apparent yet reminds the recipient of the company subtly.

Alternatively, when giving a gift to a smaller group, it is a good idea to personalise each item with the recipient’s name.

Attention to Detail

Pay close attention to the details. Even when giving an expensive gift, the value of the gift will be lessened if it’s packaged incorrectly or if the goods are of poor quality. Choose a gift partner who is dependable and will deliver things according to the conditions of the contract.

This is especially important to note when creating gift hampers as they are a universally accepted way of flattering clients. It is vital to note that the package received by them and the contents in them are packed with utmost care.

Corporate gifting can be difficult, but it’s full of possibilities. One can easily unleash the creative beast inside them and go on a spree when it comes to creating corporate gift hampers.

With the advent of corporate gifting partners, the process has become even more straightforward. All one has to do is place an order, and they’ll be able to send a package that completely aligns with the company’s vision. What’s better? They come with the company’s name engraved!

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