When You Want to Know “How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car,” We Will Transport It Can Help!

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The leading transportation companies ship cars, trucks, and SUVs across the country daily, and they want to ensure that all of their car haulers run at maximum capacity. This is excellent news for cost-conscious consumers looking for bargains. Customers who want to know how much is it to ship a car can get immediate help from our team of shipping and transportation agents. We Will Transport It always strives to get the lowest possible rates for our customers each time they schedule ground transportation for their vehicles. We don’t require any upfront cash to schedule a pick-up, and you’ll always receive fast and friendly service. Get your free estimate now and give us a call at 1-800-677-1196 when you’re ready to schedule local or coast-to-coast car shipping service.

How Is The Cost To Ship Car Across Country Calculated?

When we give you a price quote for the cost to ship cars across the country, it will be our best estimate based on the industry shipping averages. Domestic car shipping costs between $500-$2,200, depending on the total mileage for the trip and other factors. It costs more to ship heavier vehicles, so be prepared to spend around $150-300 more if you need to ship an SUV or a half-ton pickup truck. We recommend shipping your vehicle in an open-trailer car hauler because that’s your most affordable option. We can also give you a price quote for enclosed transportation if you need to transport motorcycles or luxury vehicles.

Are There Any Ways To Lower My Overall Car Shipping Cost?

The key to making shipping a car cost less is to start shopping for a car hauler early! Transportation carriers can fit up to nine vehicles on car haulers, and reserving space on the carrier is a lot like making an airplane reservation. Transportation companies need their car haulers to be full in order to recoup their fixed transportation costs, and they give the best prices to customers who schedule their pick-ups in advance. If you need to ship multiple vehicles, the company will be happy to provide you with a multiple-vehicle discount, because it enables them to fill up their haulers more quickly. They also offer last-minute deals when they get cancellations. Your transportation broker will spend about a week looking for the best price before he or she schedules your pick-up.

We Will Transport It Makes Shipping A Car Cost Less!

When our new customers ask us how much does it cost to ship a car, they’re frequently surprised to learn that it’s highly affordable. There’s a lot of competition in the car shipping business, and top companies understand the importance of offering low prices. We Will Transport It makes trusted companies bid to earn your business, and you’ll always save 10% or more on car shipping. You can use our online transportation cost calculator to get a real-time price estimate when you ship your car to another state, and you can speak to a WWTI shipping specialist at 1-800-677-1196 when you’re ready to save money on car shipping!

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