How Much To Ship A Car To An Out-of-State Location?

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People in the USA are always on the move, and air travel is a great way to make the world a smaller place! If you’re about to take a beach vacation with your family or you’re scheduling an out-of-state business trip, car shipping gives you the convenience of using your own vehicle. It’s also an excellent option for snowbirds, car collectors, or families traveling overseas. We Will Transport It takes a customer-focused approach to vehicle shipping services, and we’re available around the clock when you’re interested in learning how much to transport a car to another state. We work with reliable and highly-rated transportation companies to offer premium car shipping throughout the continental United States, and you can call us at 1-800-677-1196 when you’re interested in scheduling premium quality vehicle transportation services at value prices!

How Can I Estimate the Total Cost To Transport A Car?

The average rates for car haul services range from $500 or less for a short trip to a nearby city to around $2,250 for coast-to-coast vehicle transportation. We offer instant no-obligation estimates on our website so that you can review the current market rates for car transportation before you call to schedule your pick-up. Your transportation specialist will usually spend about a week looking for the right deal, and the final price that you pay for car shipping might be different from your original estimate. Some companies will honor their initial price quote up to a certain dollar amount if their fixed costs increase before your vehicle is picked up. Your transportation specialist will make sure that you get a great deal, and he or she will explain all of the terms and conditions of your shipping agreement when you reserve your spot on the car hauler.

What Determines the Final Cost to Transport a Car?

Certain optional services will increase the cost of car shipping, such as expedited delivery and enclosed transportation. Certain fixed costs such as fuel and labor will also be priced into all deliveries. The transportation industry is experiencing significant driver shortages, leading to delayed pick-up times and increased shipping costs. If fuel prices increase, the carriers are also forced to pass on the cost to their customers. Our experienced transportation specialists have access to an extensive network of leading car transport companies, and your shipping agent will help you lock in a great price!

Call Us Today When You’re Ready to Lower Your Car Shipping Costs!

Every motorist enjoys the convenience of owning a car and depends on it every day. If you’re visiting a faraway destination, car shipping enables you to take your car with you when you travel! Our team at We Will Transport It is here to show you how much to transport a car, and we’ll help you ship your vehicle anywhere that you want to go! Contact WWTI online for a no-obligation car shipping quote or call us at 1-800-677-1196 and let us earn your 5-Star review!

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