How to Earn Money Online? Top Home Based Jobs Without Investment

how to earn money online

Money may not buy you happiness but money is that necessary thing that keeps you alive. Money is not only the point of concern for young people, but it is also equally important for teenagers and students. How to make money online? How to earn money online?

In this article, we are going to reveal the secret of the master art of “how to make money at home?” Most of these work from home jobs do not need any investment. These little simple and fast jobs are easy ways to earn money without investment for students. All you need is to have some skills that you can develop and earn.

Guide on How to earn money online in India:

Earn from PTC sites

This is the best online jobs from home without investment in India. PTC sites are some sites that offer you money for the watch or reading some ads that are available on their sites. It takes just 10 to 30 seconds to go through one ad and it can pay you a fine amount of money for nothing to do. This is the easiest way to utilize your free time. You can easily do this job when you are on the bus or walking in the corridor. Just go and grab money out of it.

Earn money from GPT sites

Searching for online work from home? Then GPT sites are the best option for you to earn money. These GPT sites also pay money for doing some little tasks for them. All you need to do is to take some small surveys they have and to many more activities. If you love playing games, some of the GPT sites also offer to pay money just for playing games. This is an easy trick to “how to earn money online in India”.

Using Adsense

Ad sense is a service provided by Google and some other sites with some other names. Here, Google will pay you for showing their ads on your site or apps or any other medium you have to reach the audience. You get paid as per the views on your website and clicks on the ad.

All you need to do is to make an efficient site with some effective traffic and apply for Google Ads. After approval just insert ads code into your site backend. This service can even pay you about Rs. 100000 per month if you have a high traffic site.

Take online surveys

Want to know how to earn money from home? Surveys are the easiest ways to earn money online. You don’t need to have any skills to do this job. The only thing you need to do is to share your views about something. You will be getting paid for this little task. This simple job can easily give you 20 to 500 Rs for every survey depending on the kind and length of the survey you are taking.

Turn yourself into a virtual assistant

Yes, a virtual assistant can be someone who is doing someone else’s job with being physically present for him or her. You can do jobs like writing, reading, proofreading, editing, handling the sites, and other such tasks. None of these need your physical presence and you can do this job from home.

Become a freelancer

Well, these days, the companies are getting smarter. They are not much interested to hire fulltime employees if they are not getting enough jobs to be done by them. For small projects, they prefer to hire freelancers. Freelancers are people who use their skills and do a particular task in parttime for their clients. In return, they get paid for it. Web design is a perfect example of a freelance job. Lots of companies offer remote web design positions and, what’s more important, you can become a web design by taking online courses.

This way, the person is getting paid for his extra time and the company need not pay for a full-time employee. It will pay only for the time in which the task is done. You can use sites like UPWORK, FREELANCER.IN, FIVERR, ELANCE, PEOPLEPEERHOUR for getting freelancing or online jobs in India.

Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to sales marketing. The only difference is the platform. Here you need to be present physically, here, there is no load of completing the target, not need to move out of the house.

All you need is a platform where you can promote and sell the product of any company. According to your sale, you will get a commission. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay allow you to make an affiliate account and get an easy commission.

Writing Job

If you are good at writing with a fine knowledge of grammar and other skills, this is the job you should do. It is the best online jobs without investment. You can write different kinds of content whatever you feel good at. By taking projects online you can write blogs, reviews of the products, write content for some websites.

You can also write homework for students. People even pay for writing CVs and other official documents. So just write and earn with a website like Writer, Writebay, Textbroker.

Domain Trading and website flipping

Domain trading is an easy job but here you need some investment. Buy a certain domain and sell it when its prices are higher. See, it’s easy but you must be good at choosing the domains whose price may increase.

Similarly, you can do website flipping which means constructing a website. Get it monetized and then sell it. This way, your web development skills can give you a high amount of money.

Youtube channels

This is the most interesting and highly effective job. It gives you passive income. Passive income is the income for which you work once and get paid for a long time. On the YouTube channel, you will make a video now and it will pay you every time it is watched. The work you did 2 years ago can pay you now. This is the very best feature of YouTube earning.

Here we gave you the list of 10 home-based jobs that can help you earn from the internet without any investment. They can give you a good extra amount for your free time.


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