How to Enhance Your SEO?


As per the 2020 census, Vancouver is the fourth largest city in the US, with an estimated population of 190,915. Vancouver has a flourishing economy, and the average yearly income of Vancouver residents is around $26,365.

If you are running a wholesale or retail business in Vancouver, you need to optimize the website for getting more users. Enhancing SEO for users is work that professionals best do. Hence, you need to hire an SEO Vancouver agency for the job.

Here are four tips to make your website more user friendly.

1. Use the White Space Intelligently

As per recent data, around 93.3% of Vancouver households have a computer, while 87.5% have a broadband Internet connection. As a result, white space is a critical element of website design. The SEO agency will refine your website design by creating margins to help your images and text blocks stand out.

The primary idea behind using white space intelligently is to give your content good real estate and avoid the clutter of web elements on the page.

2. Use Appealing CTAs

As per recent data, the total number of households in Vancouver is around 72,508. A call-to-action is a critical element on the webpage. It tells the visitor or potential customer what action to take next. It prevents friction when moving the user down the sales funnel. For example, you might want the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter, leave a review, opt for a trial offer, or make a purchase. If visitors perform different actions, the SEO Vancouver agency might plan to have multiple CTAs on the page.

Creating CTAs is not easy as it seems. The SEO agency will use bold buttons and active words to help the user navigate the website and place appealing CTAs at the right points. The agency understands the psychology of colors and their effect on the user’s mind. Therefore, they will use different colors on the web page to evoke other emotions in the user.

The color of CTA can help improve the disjointed user experience and also help increase conversions. For example, a study has shown changing the CTA color from Red to Green helped increase conversions by 35%.

3. Improve Page Speed

As per recent data, Vancouver has good Internet connectivity, and the majority of the areas have access to cable Internet. Current data shows Washington State has one of the fastest average Internet speeds, around 15.8 Mbps. Fiber is available in 30% of Vancouver.

The speed of the page plays a crucial role in the overall user experience. SEO experts 1-2 seconds are a good average page loading time. Pages that have good load speeds also have higher conversions. As per a recent survey, around 40% of visitors are more likely to abandon your website if the page loading is more than 3 seconds. The SEO service will assess your website loading speeds and make changes to improve page loading speed and improve user experience.

4. Create Targeted Headlines

When users search on the internet, they have a brief idea of what they are looking for. For example, if they are looking for hair loss products, they will be happy to see headlines like “All-natural hair loss products,” “Effective hair loss treatment,” “Best hair growth products,” and similar headlines.

The SEO service will create targeted headlines that will influence and attract your target audience. Targeted headlines show up in SERPs and attract the audience to your website, where they can consume more content and give you more opportunities for conversions.

So, these are some ways to improve your SEO. While, you can make use of these tips and improve the performance of your website and attract more audience, a SEO service is a dedicated team and will assist you professionally.

By Liam Oliver

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