How to Find the Ideal Home Designer – 6 Simple Steps

Home Designer

Building a new home or renovating your home can be very frustrating and stressful, so hiring a professional home designer is the 1st essential step. It’s all about finding the right trustworthy home designer, and unlike home decorators, a home designer can completely renovate your house as per your liking and budget constraints.

You want someone that can translate your vision, vibe, and aesthetic into the house of your dreams. So don’t just hire the 1st home designer you meet; set up meetings with a few more home designers and see which one understands your vision and fits right with your budget as well. Here are a few steps you need to consider before hiring a home designer –

  1. Create a vision board – You need to have a clear idea about your personal style for your sweet abodes, like the colours and designs. The best way to translate your vision is by surfing through Pinterest or home decor magazines, cutting out those photos, and making a vision board show to your home designer candidates.
  2. Evaluate each home designer – Before setting up a meeting with each candidate, go through their online portfolio or ask people for the home designer’s review who might have previously hired them. You can also check if their previous projects match with what inspiration you have in mind for your home and then jot down the candidates accordingly.
  3. Set up an in-person meeting – Once you’ve got the list of your potential home designers, set up an in-person meeting with each one of them. Make sure that the home designer understands your vision, and ask them to sketch out a rough design plan if possible. Also, notice if the home designer is adding on or suggesting a few more changes, that way, you know that the home designer is really interested and has the right vision and aesthetic.
  4. Ask them a few questions – Don’t just hire a home designer on the basis of their designs, be sure to ask them a few questions which can help you determine if they are the right fit for the project. Ask them what services they offer, and by services, we mean design consultation, site measurements, and space planning. You can also ask for their credentials and references (previous clients).
  5. Visit their previous projects – Don’t rely on the photos they show you of their previous or recent projects; pictures can be edited too. Instead, ask for their references, visit their place if they are nearby, and ask about their experience with the home designer.
  6. Set up a budget – Last but not least, set up a budget ideal for both you and your home designer before he or she starts planning out the design and see if they offer special discounts. He or she may charge a flat rate for the entire project, an hourly rate, or cost plus.

When you’re finally ready to move forward with the home designer, you need to sign a contract that sets the stage for everything you’ve agreed on. Read the contract carefully, especially parts like the services your home designer is providing you, the budget you both agreed on, and the expected timeline for your project.

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