How to Protect Your New Tesla from Elements with a Car Coating?

Car Coating

Tesla recently announced that they would begin offering a full glass panoramic roof on the Model S, which is already a fantastic car to drive. It’s going to look even more impressive from the inside when you have a gorgeous view of the stars in your new Tesla.

Before you go out and buy all things shiny and bright, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself about how safety is going to play into this.

The sun’s rays can be dangerous for many reasons, so what can you do about it? Surveys show that most people who drive Tesla preferred ceramic coating for car paint protection.

  • Sun Damage

Burning skin can be painful and dangerous and can cause severe health problems later in life if it doesn’t kill you immediately. Think of all the materials that cars come outfitted with; plastic, rubber, and glass. None of these items will stop the sun from burning your car’s interior if you leave it parked outside for too long.

Tesla has made some improvements by adding more insulation to keep the temperature inside cool while driving. Still, without adequate protection (such as an automotive coating or film), even your shiny new red paint job will fade over time. So what do we look for in a product?

Three things are essential when assessing how protective a product is.

UV Coverage: UV light comes in two forms, UVA and UVB. Both types can cause damage to your Tesla’s exterior paint, plastics, rubber, leather, etc. Coating materials should be rated for at least 99% visibility across both ranges (BB1 standard) to ensure the best possible protection.

Oil Resistance: Your new Tesla may be mostly electric, but they still have internal combustion engines. This means that there is oil all over the place. Coating material must be resistant to oil to protect your car’s surfaces from damage due to leaks or direct spills.

Water Resistance: Whether it rains or snows where you live, it’s essential that your coating can withstand these conditions and not fall apart if water is involved.

  • Keeping Your Car Clean

Once you know the type of protection you need from a product to keep your car clean, there are still some additional factors to consider.

UV Resistance: Sunlight will cause certain materials (such as tint) to start fading over time. There are certain types of products that negatively affect paint finishes when used in conjunction with them.

If your Tesla is outfitted with any special paints or additives, be sure you use a product that won’t compromise their qualities.

Appearance: Nobody likes the look of streaks or smudges clinging to their car’s bodywork. So, most modern products are designed with “invisible” qualities to ensure they blend and flow naturally with whatever surface they’ve been applied to (this is known as “claying”).

  • Removing Your Car’s Coating

When the time has come to remove the coating, it’s essential to do this easily and quickly. If your coating fails under these circumstances, trying to find a product that uses advanced bonding technology to remove it becomes painless. Car paint experts who work on Tesla preferred ceramic painting for Tesla cars.

You cannot apply it yourself as the paint’s structures are too complex. Applying a coating is not just another spray-and-wipe job that would require multiple applications. There you have it: critical factors for keeping your Tesla looking fabulous no matter what.

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