How To Stay Safe While Using the Internet: 7 Things to Guard Against

How To Stay Safe While Using the Internet

We all use the internet.

We all also know about the potential threats it has.

To be honest, our life has become digital, and we have turned so much into the internet that we can barely survive without it. The global coronavirus pandemic has also made our life a lot more internet-oriented.

In this scenario, we have to ensure that we are using the internet in a safe way. You do not want to let your ISP know that you are accessing for downloading free movies. You also want to keep your online data and activities safe and secure.

How To Stay Safe While Using the Internet?

Here are some great ways to keep your internet usage safe and secure.

1: Safety Precautions for Your Password

You always have to ensure that the password you are setting for your email, social media accounts is too strong to be cracked. Let’s be very honest; setting your date of birth or your nickname of yours is not going to work here.

Along with that, you also need to think about not storing your user ids and password online and keeping it safe and secure somewhere offline.

2: Regularly Update Your Computer and Mobile

Of course, you are surfing the internet on either your mobile or on your computer.

Are they updated?

Do you regularly update them?

It is a must for ensuring online safety for all your internet activities. Updating your devices with the latest upgrade is necessary as they come with more enhanced security and safety protocols.

So, make it a habit to update them on a regular basis. You also can use an online update checker, which will make your work a little easier.

3: Use Safe Sites and Networks

Whenever you are visiting any website, you need to go through their privacy policy and also ensure that they come with SSL security. It is mandatory to ensure secure internet browsing.

You might not know when you are going through a customer review of a brand, and at the same time, losing your personal data and a lot more. Before clicking on the “agree” option of cookie setting, take a few minutes and read their cookie policy to be on the safe side.

4: Double Check Before Making an Online Payment

Online shopping is a thing now. As the global coronavirus pandemic has locked us in our houses, we are not able to manage some time to visit the physical stores due to our packed schedules. We are also making payments online.

In some cases, we are also paying digitally, although we are buying something from a physical store. Here you need to ensure that you are using a safe and secure mode of payment through a secured payment gateway.

5: Keep Personal Life Personal

We have become social media addicts. We love to show off how we are enjoying our lives. But everything should have a limit. Learn to keep your personal life personal. You might not know who is stalking you online.
When you are enjoying your vacation, a criminal can rob your house. The individual might be on your social media follower list. Think twice before posting anything and exposing your life to the internet.

6: Stay Alert for Phishing Scams

The scan feature that Gmail actually uses saves you from a lot of threats. Phishing attacks are becoming more common as a group of cybercriminals is using phishing emails to get into your system and take all the data it has.

So, whenever you are receiving any attachment on your email, before downloading it, always scan it, and if any threat is found, delete that immediately.

7: Use an Antivirus 

You are already using an antivirus, right?

If you think that you do not need an antivirus as you always take all the safety precautions, let me tell you are wrong.

We are living in an online space, where anything can happen anytime. So, do not be overconfident and install an antivirus right now. Also, ensure that you are getting the antivirus only from the official website.

Surf The Internet Safely

The online world is full of threats. That does not mean we will stop using the internet. We surely will use it, but with all the possible safety and security precautions. Consider all these safety precautions when you are using the internet.

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