How to Whisper in Town of Salem?

how to whisper in town of salem

How to Whisper in Town of Salem: Town of Salem is a multiplayer online game that requires players to employ strategy, deception, and deduction skills. The game is inspired by classic party games like Mafia and Werewolf. In Town of Salem, players are randomly assigned roles and placed into different factions, such as the Mafia, Town, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutrals. The goal of each faction differs, but generally revolves around eliminating opposing factions while keeping your own members alive.

Whispering is an important communication feature in the game, which allows living players to exchange messages privately during the day. While the content of the whisper is hidden from other players, they will still be able to see who is whispering to whom. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it may help players collaborate without revealing their role, but it can also draw suspicion from others.

The Blackmailer is a unique role in Town of Salem, belonging to the Mafia faction. The Blackmailer has the ability to prevent a chosen player from speaking during the day, effectively silencing them. In addition to this primary ability, the Blackmailer can also read whispers, whether they are alive or dead. This means that a Blackmailer has access to potentially crucial information that other players cannot see, giving the Mafia an advantage in gathering intel and strategizing.

It’s essential to use the whisper feature wisely in Town of Salem, as it can be a powerful tool for sharing critical information or creating alliances. However, be cautious about whispering too frequently or without reason, as it may draw unwanted attention or suspicion from other players. And always remember that the Blackmailer could be listening, so sharing sensitive information through whispers carries some risk.

Now one question comes to your mind that, How to Whisper in Town of Salem? So here we go:

You can whisper in the town of Salem in the following ways:

  1. You have to write in chat, “/w” (player number or player name) (Type your message for them).
  2. Write, “/pm (player number or player name) (Type your message)”
  3. You may also use the “/whisper” command to whisper. But always make sure there’s a space between the command and the name number or name.

Few Examples to clear your doubt-

/w John Smith Do you know that I am the Sheriff!!

/whisper 5 HoHo!! I am the Sheriff.

/pm 5 I am the Sheriff.

However, you recommend you to use the player’s number instead of their name because not only it will save your time but also it ends the risk of sending the message to someone else having a similar name. Whisper carefully as other players may get suspicious about you.

You will also not be able to whisper (or talk) to someone else during the day once you are blackmailed or dead.

A Mayor who has been revealed cannot whisper or be whispered to by someone else.


  1. You can form an alliance with a confirmed town member against the Mafia. This is mostly done with a resurrected Town member as their role has been confirmed by their resurrecting.
  2. If you happen to be Town Investigate, you can too form alliances with confirmed town members and ask for their help to reveal someone evil. You can ask them to whisper their role to you, but always be careful as the opposite person can be lying.

Mafia may suspect that you are a Town member if you are initiating a whisper and they may target you.

  • If you are a Jester you can whisper misinformation to each other or use the failed whispers technique to confuse the other players about your role. But you will probably be killed by a Vigilante or Jailor in the night.
  1. The Town Investigators may pay you a visit at night if your whispers attract a lot of attention. You may also give away your information to any blackmailer. You have to be aware and know if there is any Blackmailer around the town.

Hope this helped you. Thanks.

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