Indicators of Good Hospitality in a Hotel


Vacations are extremely important in order to keep one-self revitalized and rejuvenated. A person has become so busy with his daily life and routine work that one whenever they want to take a holiday, they want an experience of a luxurious stay so that one can totally relax and forget all the trials and tribulations of life and have a really good time with friends, family or acquaintances. Hotel businesses are flourishing worldwide and with their great hospitality make a customer their permanent. There are certain hotel chains that have set their mark worldwide and are set up in every city or state. Hotels with popular names are more likely to get constructed at a place with hot touristy. More are the tourist places, monuments, well-built architecture of a place, exponential chances are there that the visits of the people in that particular place or state swell in huge numbers.

Mumbai is considered to be one of the best cities of India in terms of starting business, entrepreneurship, media, Bollywood, or any activity for that matter, it is one hotspot for attracting visitors from all over the world for obvious reasons. Every day there are innumerable people taking a visit to this place. It attracts a lot of population all over the country or the world for the matter of starting a business, career or just as a matter of excursion. So, in order to accommodate the visitors in huge numbers, there are supposed to be a lot of guest houses, hotel stays for the purpose of accommodating such people.

When considered the matter of hotel chains Hyatt Regency is one of the most prestigious hotel chains that have made a mark all over the country. Their hotels are rated five-star in terms of infrastructure, property, service, food, stay reviews, etc. Hyatt Regency Mumbai can definitely be considered by the individuals for the purpose of their short-trips, work-trips, or a small stay in the form of accommodation. The services that will be provided by this hotel will give a surety in every manner and the consumer will be satisfied enough during his entire stay in the place. They provide a variety of cuisines when the question of eating good food arrives. The service of this hotel accommodates all the visitors from different parts of the world.

Mumbai has a lot of attractions and one can enjoy their stay at this wonderful place and can consider the amount of money that one thinks to spend on the stay. Since it is a luxury chain of hotels it shall be little on the higher side of the price. But the experience that one will have during their stay in this beautiful place will totally be unforgettable. The staff of the hotel is well-trained and the services that are provided by them are world-class. The customer or the guest that is coming for a stay at that place is equivalent to God for them. They try to make it the best hotel stay for them. If one does not want to move around much in the city one can spend their stay entirely in the hotel and can enjoy the greenery, sports, food, games, etc. all in one place.

These hotel chains are popular just because of their service and it is the sole reason that sets them apart from the other hotels in the industry that are engaged in the same business. One must do proper research before selecting their stay at a place. Following are a certain indicator that helps a person in knowing the quality of hospitality that is provided by the place:

  • Quantum of services provided by a place: – The trend for destination weddings are increasing by the day and there are many hotels that are fully booked for a couple of days for various festivities that are required to be conducted in the hotel premises.
  • Online reviews of the place: – A reputation of the hotel is affected by any of the negative or positive reviews that a floating online as it is most easily accessible to the persons that are in search of hotel names or stays for a particular purpose.
  • Rapport with the hotel staff: – The staff of the hotel shall be cordial enough with the visitors. They should provide them a 24 hours service and shall be available instantly if any inconvenience is faced by the visitors. If this department is ruled by the hotel it shall add bonus points to the reputation of the hotel.
  • Location of the hotel: – If the hotel is located in the middle of the city and all the main landmarks, monumental places, or touristy spots of the place are easily accessible to the visitor in the city, the hotel would be considered to be quite favorable in this respect. One can easily move from place to place without suffering much hassle in respect of travelling.
  • Cab services/Guide provided by the hotel: – There are many hotels that have employed a guide of their own that will help a person to roam about the entire city. There are many hotels that provide in-house can services that would aid the entire process of the tour. Sometimes the expense of the fair is included in the package of the hotel itself.
  • Spas, sports, game rooms, etc.: – One has to spend a big chunk of their time in the hotel also. If the hotel provides for special parties, music nights, play areas for the persons that are coming to stay that will be nothing less than the cherry on the cake. One gets be self-entertained if the weather conditions are not favorable. With all these services one can truly, totally, and definitely enjoy their stay at the hotel for a couple of days.

So, these are the factors that can be enlisted above, that will help us to know the performance of a hotel.

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