6 Issues That Your Las Vegas Orthodontist Can Resolve


Nevada, a state in the U.S, is home to about 845 general practitioners and 715 specialty practitioners. Together, these medical professionals serve a population of 3,104, 873 of the state. Orthodontists can help fix several dental issues and give you a perfect smile. When looking for the best Las Vegas orthodontics services, consider factors such as qualifications, experience, professionalism, and reviews.

You can use third-party review websites that aim to connect you with the best local orthodontics in Las Vegas. Treatments such as braces and Invisalign take many months to complete, so it is important you pick an expert orthodontist with whom you are comfortable.

If you are confused about visiting a general or specialist dentist, this article will explain different issues an orthodontist can fix for you.

6 Issues That Your Las Vegas Orthodontist Can Resolve

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are a common condition found in children. The various reasons for crooked teeth are misaligned jaw, genetics, or poor dental care. It could also result from habits such as prolonged thumb sucking or mouth breathing.

If you wish to get your crooked teeth aligned, an orthodontist can help you do so.

Crowded Teeth

If you have a smaller jaw size or there is not enough space in your mouth for the permanent teeth to grow, your teeth will start crowding or overlapping each other. One should consider getting the teeth crowding condition fixed at the earliest as it could lead to misaligned jaw issues in adulthood.

Braces and clear aligners can help resolve crowded teeth.

Tooth Gaps

Unevenly spaced teeth are another common condition found in children and adults. Many patients have diastema that is a gap between the two front teeth. Depending on the tooth gaps, an orthodontist will prepare a treatment plan and provide periodic monitoring to ensure the adjustments are on track.

Misaligned Bite

Braces and aligners can treat issues like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. You have an overbite if your upper jaw comparatively protrudes more than the lower jaw. On the other hand, if your lower jaw protrudes more than the upper jaw, you have an underbite.

Lastly, if your upper teeth can fit inside your lower teeth, then you have a crossbite.

Eating and Speaking Issues

Crooked, crowded, misaligned teeth can make it difficult for you to chew certain food items. In some cases, these dental problems could lead to minor speech impediments.

The best Las Vegas orthodontics service provider can help align the jaw and the teeth by using braces or aligners and make eating and speaking a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.

Oral Hygiene

Activities such as brushing and flossing could be a hassle with misaligned teeth. Flossing may not even be an option if your teeth are tightly packed. If you cannot practice good dental care habits, it could lead to cavities, tooth loss, and gum issues.

Many treatment options like Invisalign, traditional, gold, and clear braces can help fix underlying issues and make oral hygiene practices accessible.

Dental issues like crowded teeth, gaps, misaligned teeth could hurt one’s confidence and result in poor oral hygiene. Look for the best Las Vegas orthodontics service and schedule a consultation to understand what treatment plan will work for your unique condition.

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