Top 10 IT Companies in Delhi NCR

IT Companies in Delhi NCR

Delhi as a state is trying every possible means to boost its IT hub from many corners.  Though already there had been different reputed IT companies in Delhi NCR. They are blooming and providing jobs for thousands of candidates in and around the state, but still, Delhi is on a verge of expanding its possibilities to the maximum when it comes to establishing Software companies in Delhi NCR.  Herby we try to throw light on the top 10 IT companies in Delhi NCR and the list is as follows below.

Top 10 IT Companies in Delhi NCR

  • World IT Zone

When we speak about the top 10 IT companies in Delhi NCR then World IT Zone is a name that remains potentially high on the list.

Since its foundation in the year 2014, the company has ventured a new field of expertise including IT, web designing, online marketing, and the list is a long one.

The company is constantly striving hard for innovative reforms.

  • Bsquare

This is one of the best IT Software Companies in Delhi NCR today.  Since establishment, the company has shown constant expertise in the field of IT including ERP software and dealing in E-commerce solution services.

Bsquare dealing in inventory management systems and other development application services. The company has correctly ventured into a different field of expertise maintain a quality customer service to date.

  • BirlaSoft Ltd

The company BirlaSoft Ltd was founded in the year 1995 with its headquarters in Noida, India.

Other than serving in the field of IT, the company also is dealing in customer relationship management, testing, enterprise resource planning, data & analytics on a global basis.

The company has successfully made its mark in the IT field especially through quality services, hard work, and dedication.

  • InterGlobe Technologies Pvt Ltd

Considered among the top 10 software companies in Delhi NCR, InterGlobe Technologies provides impeccable quality services in IT along with offering in BPO and Technology services as well.

The company provides a good work culture and ambiance to its employees and this had led to unique IT services on a global basis.  The company deals in architecture consulting and other services as well.

  • Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd

In the year 1982, this American multinational computer software company came into existence. Its main focus was on creating multimedia and creativity software products with an eye towards sure quality.

The company deals mainly in IT concerns along with different other technological services on a worldwide basis. It also offers computer programming services and computer games.

  • Nucleus Software Exports

This is one of the leading IT companies from Delhi NCR which comes in among the list of the best IT firms.

The company provides cutting edge services in the field of application development management, software development along with other IT services.

The company deals in lending and transaction banking products to the global financial services industry as well.

  • Omniscient IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Besides dealing with IT solutions, the company has made its mark in different avenues starting from the web and mobile application, digital marketing, retail sector solution and the list is pretty long.

In today’s date, the company belongs to the list of top major companies dealing in IT in the Delhi NCR area.  The company is trying every possibility to expand its reach globally.

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  • Agreeya Solutions

Founded in the year 1999, the company has shown rapid progress in the IT field from day one.

In today’s date, it is one of the finest in the business.  The company deals in software development with features serving various purposes.

The company is a dedicated software service provider.

  • Newgen Technologies

The company was founded in the year 1992 in Delhi with zeal to provide software development services.

It deals in workflow and process automation software, document management system and etc.  This IT firm has managed to get good reviews from its customers.

They provide a good work-life balance.

  • Headstrong

Over the years the company has managed to earn a good name in the IT industry since inception.

The company deals in IT services mainly with software development. The company provides a good work-life balance to its employees and timely delivery of services also.

Thus on a concluding note, Gradually Delhi is reaching new heights in the IT sector and is planning to speed up things in every possible way.  The local government is also taking up serious measures to make the dream come true which is now just a matter of time.

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