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Kerala foods

All the Asian countries have spicy foods around their streets, homes, restaurants, and foods of their special occasions. Kerala is one of the best foods serving the region here in Asia. This region of the world has food ranging from deserts(sweet-dishes) to spiciest foods like biryani. The foods mentioned above are not only for people who want spicy foods but also for those who love some type of healthy eating. The meals served here are easy to make, and their ingredients are very cheap. One can also check out the Kerala food recipe and can taste lovely Kerala’s traditional cuisines.

Kerala Famous foods:

Puttu and Kadala Curry

If you are looking for a Kerala breakfast food which is eaten all over the region, then you surely will go for Puttu. Puttu is one of the famous Kerala breakfast food having a mixture of salt and water in a tube-like shape. One can also add chickpeas to its ingredients. Undoubtedly this breakfast food contains a high amount of protein, and if one tastes it in the morning, then he would not need any food till night.

Appam with stew

It is known as one of the most well known Kerala foods. You can ask anyone about the name of this food. They will be familiar with this food because of its crispy nature that has the taste of rice included. This food is Kerala’s traditional food which is attached to a stew.

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One of Kerala’s best recipes is idiyappam, which is the combination of water, salt, and flour. Vermicelli is mixed together to make this delicate and make it able to be served. It will taste awesome if it is attached to a kind of curry.

Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu

This one of the best Kerala recipes. It is also known as Spicy Chicken Fry. If you go around the world, you will find that almost everyone living in this world will love a chicken which is fried! But what about Kerala’s fried chicken, this food is served on a leaf of Banana, the chicken is first cooked with some onion, which can also have the addition of chilli, garlic, coriander, and vinegar.

Kerala Prawn Curry

Your visit to Kerala will inevitably be incomplete if you went there and missed out on eating this prawn curry. Isn’t something beautiful that a simple recipe would mix and make an excellent taste of the dish? Kerala’s traditional food is mixed with chilli, pepper, and salt. The adding of coconut will add some fascinating changes to this dish.

Kerala style fish Mole

This distinctive Kerala cuisine is something every fish food lover should taste. Anyone who lives around the sea would always be in the starvation of seafood. Such is the case of this dish. This dish includes a slightly fried fish which is cooked with kokum and milk. The taste of lovely green chillies with a spice of turmeric, cinnamon, and pepper with a slight amount of salt makes this dish one of the best seafood dishes in Kerala.

Banana Fritters

This food is one of the breakfast snacks in Kerala, which can be served with tea. The food is simple, take some bananas, ripe them up and coat them into flour then fry them up in the oil. This food is straightforward to cook, but its taste is fantastic.

Palada Payasam

It is the best Kerala’s desert. It is well-known throughout the region. Some of the people call it as Kheer. It is served on several occasions. It is the combination of rice, milk, some dry fruits that will make this desert seriously attractive and tasty.

Thalassery Biryani

This special dish is famous in the northern region of Kerala, where most of the people would love to serve them in the special occasions of their religion like Eid. It is a special type of biryani with special masala, dry nuts, and stuffed meat. This is served with pickle, salad, and curd. Everyone enjoys this Kerala Cuisine.

Pan-Seared Prawns

This beautiful Kerala food has a delightful recipe. One would even love to cook this dish. The marinated prawns with varieties of spices along with lime juice, and finally baked in the coconut milk so that they would be able to drench all the flavours, used before and after the marinating process.

Cheera Thoran

Not only meat but the dishes of Kerala Cuisine also include the recipes of fresh and healthy vegetables. This dish can be served with rice, appams and a special desi paratha.

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