4 Kids Movies That Have the Best Morals

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Watching movies is the best medium for our brain – especially for children. Their favorite characters portrayed give emotions right in front of their eyes. This is why animations became famous, becoming the concept of trusted film companies.

These movies are intended for children. Yet, there are still movies that gave unforgettable lessons to the general public. And as what they say, you can always watch cartoons even if you’re a kid at heart. So, what are the best movies for kids that give out meaningful life lessons for everyone? Let’s find out.

1. The Incredibles

Before the Syndrome sought vengeance, he was once a kid that idolized superheroes. He was so inspired by what The Incredibles did, making him Mr. Incredible’s biggest fan. But, it changed when Mr. Incredible “tore him apart,” leaving him worthless as a supposed help. This where he went mad and did not count on anyone, even on heroes.

The lesson turned out to be a lack of acceptance. Being criticized doesn’t mean that you’re no good; it only means you still need to do better. This is very common in any workplace and even at school, and the effects are also what Syndrome felt. So, the best way is to step out of the comfort zone and change that negativity into something helpful.

2. Ratatouille

People freak out when they see pests, or in this case, rats. But in the movie Ratatouille, the rat that “destroys” everything turned out to be good. He somewhat controlled Linguini, giving him all the credits as a chef. But when the truth was revealed, everything went home. People were disappointed with the fact of what was shown to them.

This goes to show how relevant your looks or status is when it comes to society. If you are poor, you are not allowed to do this or that. If you are ugly, you cannot be seen here and there. Some people will judge you with looks that can make you feel unsafe and unwanted. But, as long as you stick to what you believe and do, you will still be rewarded with goodness. And this is what happened with Remy and Linguini.

3. The Lion King

Lion King is one of the oldest movies in the history of Disney. It had its versions in the 90s and recently had a remake in 2019. But among the odds, people of the new generation still liked the story.

Simba became a lousy image with his uncle Scar’s murder set up. But, when the truth prevailed, it garnered his reign over their land. Scar and his hyenas went to into battle but still suffered the consequences under Simba’s pride.

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The moral of the story goes far beyond the circle of life – it is about loyalty. It shows how strong you stand for a group that is sometimes not related to you (hence the different species in Pride Lands). This is common in extended families and friendships that can go through rough times.

4. Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph was supposed to be a villain in the lineage of an arcade game. His nature was to destroy, and people hate him for it. Felix, his so-called rival, always gets the medal at the end of the day. This made Ralph uninspired and went on a pursuit behind the game screen. His venture caused disorder in the arcade. And who’s to blame? Still, the one and only.

The lesson in this movie is that when you try to be something you can’t be, you still won’t contribute to the change. Your nature should stay the same way to serve an order in the community. But as you go on with your purpose, you can still find those who appreciate you regardless of who you are.


When we watch a movie, there are things that we look for. Some watch solely for entertainment, and some search for inspirations. Whether they come out weird or satisfying, we pick up little things and relate them in real life. And as funny as it may seem, these learnings that we get are actually what we do. We don’t notice them until they’re depicted in screens, which are essential for us to find out.

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