Top 10 Longest Rail and Road Tunnels in India

longest tunnel in india

Top 10 Longest Rail And Road Tunnels in India: India is one of the fastest developing nations in the world at the present time. From infrastructure to industrialization, India is going ahead to compete with some of the most developed nations in the world. Public Transports & Railways are the most famous forms of transportation in India.

There are many thousands of trains & public transports operating in India from one state to another state and from one city to another. So, to keep the short distance from one place to another, the tunnels are constructed by cutting the mountains which fall between the proposed road and rail network.

Pir Panjal tunnel is the longest tunnel in India which is used for the purpose of transportation. Besides that, there are many other huge tunnels in India about which we will discuss further.

Top 10 Longest Tunnels in India

  1. Pir Panjal tunnel

This is the longest railway tunnel in India with a length of 11.2 km. It is situated in Pir Panjal Range in the Himalayas. The width of this tunnel is 8.40 m and the height is 7.39 m. The full journey of this tunnel takes about 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

The construction of the tunnel completed in the year 2013. This tunnel decreases the time of the journey between the towns of Quazigund and Banihal. Apart from that, the Pir Panjal tunnel is the 2nd longest railway tunnel in Asia.

  1. Natuwadi tunnel

The next on the list is the Natuwadi tunnel located on the route of Konkan Railways. It has beautiful lush green forests of the Western Ghats. Besides that, this tunnel has a curvy route. Further, the tunnel comes between Karanjadi and Diwan Khavati railway stations.

This tunnel is also known as T-6 as it is a 6th tunnel on the Konkan route while traveling from Mumbai. You will completely enjoy the train journey by going through the Natuwadi tunnel. There are beautiful green trees and sloppy terrains on the route of this tunnel.

  1. Karbude tunnel

This is the longest tunnel Konkan Railway line. It has a length of 6.5 km and comes between Bhoke station and UKSHI. Before the construction of the Pir Panjal tunnel, the Karbude tunnel remained the longest tunnel in India.

Karbude tunnel is very near to Ratnagiri. It is one of the oldest and longest tunnels in the country started in the year 1997.

  1. Rohtang Road Tunnel

The next on the list is Rohtang Road Tunnel. It is the longest road tunnel in India having a distance of about 8.8 km. This tunnel is near to eastern Pir Panjal region of the Himalayas. Rohtang Road tunnel has 2 lanes for the vehicles to pass and it is a very beautiful and well-constructed and maintained tunnel of India.

Further, this tunnel comes on Leh-Manali Highway in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Apart from that, it is also the highest mountain pass on the eastern Pir Panjal region.

  1. Tike Tunnel

Situated between Nivasar and Ratnagiri, this tunnel is near to the western ghat of Maharashtra. It has a track length of more than 13,300 ft. Tike Tunnel opened in the year 1997.  This is the biggest tunnel in India on the Konkan Railway line after the Nathuwadi tunnel.

Traveling through Tike Tunnel will give you the enjoyment of seeing amazing landscapes of Ratnagiri. It is surrounded by lush green trees and nature spots. You will really love the scenic beauty while passing through this train.

  1. Chenani-Nashri Road Tunnel

This tunnel will be the longest road tunnel in the country soon after the completion of its construction. It has a length of 9.2 km and is being constructed in the district of Udhampur, Jammu, and Kashmir.

Chenani-Nashri Road Tunnel is also one of the longest tunnels in Asia. After the construction of this road tunnel, the total travel time between Jammu and Srinagar will decrease. Apart from that, this tunnel will also reduce the problem of traffic jams on NH-1A.

  1. Berdewadi Tunnel

Berdewadi Tunnel is again the largest tunnel in India on the Konkan Railway line after Tike Tunnel. It includes a track length of about 4,000 meters. This tunnel is located between Adavali and Vilawade railway stations. It also opened in the year 1997 along with other railway tunnels on the Konkan Railway line. This tunnel will give you a beautiful journey with stunning landscapes and mesmerizing lush green beauty of Adavali and other places of Maharashtra.

  1. Jawahar Tunnel

Situated in Jammu and Kashmir, Jawahar Tunnel is one of the longest road tunnels in the country. The construction of this road tunnel started in the year 1954 and it opened for public transport in 1956.

Jawahar Tunnel is 2.85 km long and it has only one lane. It starts from Banihal town and completes at Qazigund town. More than 7000 vehicles pass through this tunnel every day. This tunnel is open for transport for 24 hours.

  1. Bhatan Tunnel

The next on the list is Bhatan Tunnel. It is near to Bhatan Pada village. It started with public transport in the year 2000. The length of this tunnel is 1 km and it comes on Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

This tunnel is constructed using modern technology. It offers you the stunning views of scenic spots on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This is one of the longest road tunnels in India on this expressway. You will have a thrilling journey via this tunnel during monsoons.

  1. Kamshet Tunnel

Having a length of 1843 km, Kamshet Tunnel is one of the longest road tunnels in India. It is located near Kamshet region in Pune. It lies on Mumbai-Pune Expressway and has 3 lanes for vehicles to pass.

Kamshet Tunnel is clean and well-maintained from the last many years. It is one of the best tunnels to go to various hill stations of Maharashtra in the rainy season.


This is the list of longest tunnels in India. They have been used by the public for transport from the last 2 or more decades. The solid construction of these tunnels makes them favorite for the public to travel through them.

So now, you know the longest tunnel in India in terms of length.

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