List of 12 Major Ports in India

major ports in india

India is surrounded by water from three sides- west, south and east. India has a long coastline which stretches from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra in the west and covers the part of southern India to the states of Odisha and West Bengal in the east.

These states of India which are located along the coastline i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and West Bengal are the centres for all the ports that are located in the country.

These ports are of great importance because they handle a huge part of the trade, cargo and container trafficking.

There are a total of 13 major ports located in India.

Out of these 13 ports, Ennore port of Chennai is privately owned port. Rest 12 ports are owned by the government.

Ennore Port which is located in the southern part of India in the state of Tami Nadu along the Coromandel Coast is one of the major ports of India. This port along with other private ports like Krishnapatnam port, Kakinada Port and Mundra Port, are important private ports. Its contribute a lot in the Indian trade and transportation of goods via waterways.

So now let’s talk about other 12 major ports in India.

Kandla Port

This port is located in the Gulf of Kutch in the state of Gujarat near Gandhidham city.

Gujarat has got major seaports in western India. Kandla Port is one of such important ports from the economy point of view.

This port is mostly used to export textiles, grains and salt and to import important good like iron, chemicals and petroleum.

Kandla Port of Gujarat along with the Mundra Port is included in the list of some of the highest-earning Indian ports.

Nhava Sheva Port

This is the largest port in India in terms of container ports. Also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Port, it is situated in the Konkan area of Maharashtra.

This port handles a huge amount of container trafficking and is also a major port for domestic cargo trafficking.

Some of the major exports include meat, carpet, textiles and imports include vegetable oil, chemicals and machinery.

Mumbai Port

Do you know which is the largest port in India? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s the Mumbai port.

It is also one of the very deepest water natural harbours located in the western part of the country in Mumbai.

It is helpful in bulk cargo trafficking and handling liquid chemicals, petroleum and crude products.

Marmagao Port

Located in the state of Goa, this is one of the major ports of India and also the earliest modern Indian port.

Regarded as one of the best natural deepwater harbours, this port is one of the favourite tourist attractions in Goa.

Iron ores along with some other raw materials are mainly exported from this port.

Panambur Port

This port is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is also known as the New Mangalore Port.

Panambur Port is included in the list of largest ports in India. It is playing an important role in the import of logs, LPG, petroleum, timber and cargo containers and exports manganese, coffee, cashew and granite stone.

Cochin Port

Located in Kerala, Cochin port is also a very large port. This port is mainly used for exporting spices as Kochi is famous for its spices from ancient times.

Port Blair

This port is located in the Indian union territory – Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is regarded as the youngest port and is one of the deepest port of India.

It also attracts a number of tourists from several parts of the country and the world because it provides a number of water sports, scuba diving and has got many beaches.

Tuticorin Port

Tuticorin Port is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is an artificial port which handles a huge volume of trade along the southern coastline.

Tuticorin Port is very famous for its pearls and is also a beautiful sea gateway.

Chennai Port

Famous as Madras port, this port is among the some of the oldest Indian ports.

It is a major port for car trafficking, cargo and container trafficking. It handles a decent amount of fertilizers, coal, automobiles and petroleum products trade in the Bay of Bengal.

Vizag Port

This port is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in the city of Visakhapatnam. It is also a very old port of India and also a large and deep port.

It is also very beautiful and attracts a lot of tourists and plays an important role in international trade.

Paradip Port

Located in the state of Orissa, it is an artificial port which is one of the important ports along the eastern coastline of India.

It has got a national highway which is used to connect different road networks of India to this port. It is one of the deepest port in India.

Haldia Port

Located in the state of West Bengal, this port is situated on the Hooghly river.

It is included amongst the biggest ports of India and is a major centre for bulk cargo trafficking, chemical, oils and petroleum -products import and export.


In this article, we have talked about all the major ports of India. All these ports are very important for efficient and profitable trade and transportation between the different countries of the world and India.

These ports make it possible for India to export its goods all over the world which helps to expand trade and commerce. Import of goods that takes place via these ports in India makes it possible for Indian consumers to buy goods from a wide range of variety and quality.

These ports are being improved and made better with the use of latest technology day by day and it will surely help in the economic development of the country.


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