4 Mobile Applications That Should Be In Your Smartphone

Mobile Applications

As we all know, a smartphone is like a handy device that performs like a computer. Usually, with a touchscreen feature and internet access, smartphones allow us to use a downloaded application. Unlike any other ordinary phone, smartphones can do more than just calling and texting.

Efficiency and entertainment are only a few of the best things that these smartphones contribute to our daily lives. The exceptional speed of the task you can finish using this phone is what people usually are after. While numerous applications can be installed on your devices, here is a shortlist of what you might want to consider putting on your phone.


On-the-go movie binge-watching can be one of the advantages of using these smartphones. While other people would love to take a nap, read a book, or go shopping during their free time, some people would rather stay home and watch their favorite movies in the comfort of their homes.

Vudu is just one of the free movie apps you can install on your phone for a 24/7 movie marathon. With all the free movies and TV shows that it offers, you can never go wrong in adding this to the list of applications you want to be on your smartphone.


A handy camera, this is how other people see these smartphones. Why would you choose to bring those heavy and space-consuming large lenses of cameras if you can take advantage and maximize the function of your device by using your phone camera?

Today’s technology allows smartphones to enhance their camera’s photographic capabilities. However, despite how well your photo has been taken, some people would love to add more effects and drama to it by using applications like VSCO. This one offers the best photo filters letting you apply film-like effects to your photos before posting them to your social media accounts.


Smartphones can accommodate various applications, but re Accessing the internet will route you to a lot of sites, and for you to get into those sites, you need to log in. Managing passwords may be a hassle and difficult for some, and that is why applications like LastPass are created.

remembering and taking care of these app’s passwords are on us. With LastPass, it will only take a fingerprint to pull up that password to every site or app you are trying to log in to, not to mention this is free of charge.


Smartphones are not only for work and entertainment purposes alone. They could also be a device you could use for your safety and protection. With the perfect application, you can ensure your and your family’s safety with just a click on your device.

Safetrek can be a lot better than using these pepper sprays as it has been receiving five stars on its reviews. With just merely pressing the application button that says “Hold until safe” and letting it go, if something unlikely happens, it will automatically dial the police and allow them to know your location.


Smartphones can be so many things. With the right applications, everyone can maximize the function of their phones. Make sure to get those kinds of stuff that will help you accomplish your daily routines on time. May it be those that help you directly or indirectly?

Using today’s technology may have pros and cons, and we should also consider the adverse effects. Too much exposure to these devices may not be so good for one’s health, so we should also observe moderation in using them. Make sure to spend a few of our hours off our devices.

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