Top 15 Most Famous Mango Varieties in India


Mango Varieties in India: When we talk of fruits then, the most common name that strikes in our mind is ‘ M’ for the mango-the king of fruits. But this is not just common fruit, it is one of the best summer fruits which is loved by almost everyone on this planet. Its sweetness, its aroma, and delicious taste bring water into everyone’s mouth just by hearing its name.

Not only this but many memories are also related to this fruit. Many of us in our childhood used to steal these delicious mangoes from ‘gardens’ and that ‘bageeche wale bhaiya’ used to chase us. What fun it was!

India is one of the hotspots of these summer fruits. There are a number of varieties of mangoes that are found in the country. The market gets flooded in summers with some high-quality, costly mangoes to some cheapest mango varieties so that every person can afford this fruit.

Today in this article, we are here to talk about different types of mangoes that grow in different parts of the country and will discover amazing facts about them. So if you are also a mango lover, you will enjoy this article like you enjoy eating mango.

Let’s begin…

Top 15 Types of Mangoes in India

1. Alphonso

If the mango is the ‘king of fruits’ then Alphonso is the ‘king of mangoes’. We can also call it the ‘best mango in India’. Not only in India, but it is also famous worldwide for its taste and looks. You can easily find these mangoes in the markets from mid-July. Ratnagiri along with some other parts of the Indian state Maharashtra are the hub of this variety of Indian mango.

2. Kesar Mangoes

If Alfonso is the king then, this is the queen. It is among the sweetest mangoes in India. During the months of May– July, these are available in the Indian market. Girnar Hills situated in Junagadh in the state of Gujarat, are its major producers.

3. Dasheri Mangoes

This is another great mango variety in India. These are mainly available from the month of May to the last weeks of August. These mangoes with green peels and extraordinary taste are mainly grown in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the regions of Lucknow.

4. Kishan Bhog And Himsagar

Among the best mango varieties in India, these varieties have their own name. You can easily find them on ‘thelas’ in the market during the months of May-June. Murshidabad, located in the state of West Bengal is the hub of this variety of mango.

5. Badami Mangoes

This is another great variety from the state of Karnataka. It is mainly grown in the Northern regions of this state and is also called ‘Karnataka Alphonso’. This name only suggests how delicious they taste! They are available mainly during the months of May-July.

6. Chaunsa Mango

This is another very special mango variety in India from the state of Uttar Pradesh in the areas near the Hardoi region. The bright yellow colour of this mango and its scent make it unique from other varieties and you can buy these from the markets during the month of July-August.

7. Safeda Mango

A rich source of vitamins A and C, this mango is known as the ‘king of mangoes’ in southern India. A single mango of this variety can satisfy your whole appetite as they are comparatively bigger than the other varieties. They are mainly grown in the Bangalpalle region which is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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8. Langra

May the name sound weird but not the mango. It is among the finest mango varieties in India and Varanasi is the hub of these mangoes. It has a unique texture- a yellowish tone on its peel makes it look different. June and July are the months when it is available in large quantities in the markets.

9. Neelam Mangoes

Does this name remind you of your ex? Don’t make this a reason to hate this. These small juicy mangoes are one of the sweetest mangoes of India and are grown largely in Andhra Pradesh. Available during the months of May to July, along with its sweet taste they are very sweet smelling too.

10. Raspuri Mangoes

It is one of the juiciest varieties of mangoes in India which is mostly found in the state of Karnataka. It is mainly grown in the areas of Kolar, Ramanagar and Bangalore and is available during the months of May – June. You can easily identify this mango because of its oval shape.

11. Lakshmanbhog

This variety from the Malda region of West Bengal is so good that once the Government of India exclusively chose this to export to the US. The reddish tone of this mango-giving it a goldy look, makes it look different from others and they can be spotted in the market during the summer months of June – July.

12. Amrapali

This is a result of cross-breeding of the Neelam and the Dasheri mangoes. It is cultivated at various places across the country. Its fleshy fruit makes it distinct.

13. Fazli Mangoes

Mainly grown in the Indian states of West Bengal(Malda) and Bihar, its size is very giant- a single mango may go higher than a kilo. The correct amount of sweetness with a pulpy nature makes it the best choice for mango lovers.

14. Mallika

These are another variety of Indian mangoes which are a result of a hybrid of Dusheri and Neelam. It is grown in different orchards across the country. They come in the market during the months of June to July and are very low in fibre content.

15. Vanraj Mangoes

It is a high-quality, oval-shaped, small mango variety of India which is famous for its royal taste. The cost of this variety is slightly high and is available in the market during the months of June-July. Vadodara region of Gujarat is the hub of Vanraj mangoes.

Hope you enjoyed this article about different mango varieties in India. Don’t choose any particular one. Try all of these.

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