Most Useful Big Data Solutions for Smaller Businesses

Big Data Solutions

Big data has become the hottest topic these days. A common misconception that most people tend to have is that they believe that big data solutions can only be used by big corporations. It could not be further from the truth.

If you are a small business owner and want to take your business to the next level, there are some useful big data solutions that you can use to grow your business. These solutions will provide you with actionable information that you can use to achieve your goals.

As the world has become extremely competitive, smaller businesses must use the tools that are available to larger companies.

Even though small businesses & consulting cannot afford to hire researchers or data scientists, they can still use the following big data solutions for competing with major players.

1. SAS

SAS is one of the most useful big data solutions that smaller businesses can use. There is no reason for you to limit your options. You can obtain business and market intelligence by using this powerful solution.

Whether you run a firm that offers Digital Marketing Houston TX or customized designs, SAS will provide you with valuable insights that you can leverage to make better decisions. Besides, it offers a fresh perspective.

The fact is that both small and large enterprises face the same issues. This is why it makes sense to use the analytics, data mining, and automated forecasting features provided by SAS to accomplish more.

By using analytics, you get to learn how to overcome the most difficult of challenges. With SAS, you get to identify what works and fix what does not. It is as simple as it gets.

2. ClearStory Data

Are you struggling to make sense of data? Then, you need to use ClearStory Data. Its advanced analytics and data mining tools present you with vital information in an understandable manner.

ClearStory Data combines your internal data with information publicly available to facilitate better decision-making. The insights will be displayed in the form of interactive visuals, storylines, and graphs. This would enable you to make sense of things.

A great thing about ClearStory Data is that it even has a collaboration feature that enables discussion between the team. For example, you get to comment on each Story Board to show which one you like the most.

Besides just providing business data, you can also use ClearStory Data to receive department-specific data. It includes customer, operations, sales, and marketing analytics.

Moreover, the platform even covers various industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, financial services, entertainment, food and beverage, and retail.

3. Kiss Metrics

To keep up with the latest market trends, you need to use Kiss Metrics. It is the perfect platform that allows you to better understand and segment your customers for improved engagement based on behavior.

Smaller businesses can use Kiss Metrics for creating, managing, and automating the delivery of email campaigns and more based on just consumer behavior.

Campaigns are thoroughly measured by the platform to provide you with important insights that you can use to make better decisions.

When you use Kiss Metrics, you also gain access to training and various educational resources for improving campaigns. Learn how to market infographics, articles, guides, and webinars through training with Kiss Metrics.

4. Insight Squared

If you are tired of wasting time mining data and want to spice things up, you need to use Insight Squared. It is an amazing platform that gets right to work.

You can use it to connect with the leading business solutions that you might already be using, like Zen Desk, Google Analytics, Quick Books, and Salesforce, for gathering more data and obtaining actionable information.

For example, you can use CRM software with Insight Squared for access to an abundance of sales intelligence like pipeline and sales forecasting, profitability analysis, lead generation, activity monitoring, and profitability analysis.

Businesses can even use Insight Squared for discovering their strengths and weakness as well as the latest trends. This big data solution offers a variety of products, which includes financial, marketing, and staff support analytics tools.

5. Google Analytics

As a smaller business owner, you do not need to spend money on expensive software for gathering data. You can start by making the most of your website.

The easiest way to do so is by using Google Analytics. It is a free digital analytics platform offered by Google that small businesses can use.

Long-term data can be extracted with Google Analytics for revealing trends and other insightful information to make the best decisions based on data.

For example, you can track and analyze visitor behavior like where traffic comes from, how the audience engages with the site, and the number of time visitors spend on the website. This will enable you to make better decisions.

Social media traffic can also be analyzed to make necessary changes to the social media marketing campaigns to ensure that whatever does not work is dealt with.

6. IMB Watson Analytics

To make the most of big data solutions, you need to use IBM Watson Analytics. It is easily one of the most advanced business analytics that small businesses can use. The best thing is about this big data solution is that it does not require any complex skills.

The tool offers a suite of warehousing services, refinement, and data access. Thus, you get to benefit from tools that help prepare and present vital data in the simplest way to guide decision-making.

A great thing about IBM Watson Analytics is that it does not focus on just one part of the business. Instead, it helps unify all of the data. This means that you get to use it for conducting all types of data analysis, such as for human resources, finance, sales, marketing, and more.

Use the Best Big Data Solutions for Smaller Businesses for Better Decision-Making

Only the best big data solutions for smaller businesses have been mentioned above. Each solution has a lot to offer, from SAS to IBM Watson Solutions. You can try these big data solutions to find out which one works best for you.


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