Some of The Most Renowned Dishes that Emerged from North India

north indian food

On a scale from one to 10, the north Indian food is even yum to eat. Most of the dishes cannot even be imagined without oil or ghee. Some dishes need fresh cream in them to grab hold on to the dishes authentic taste. The well-famed North Indian dish commonly known as butter chicken. A handful of the dishes, actually most of the dishes take a longer time to get ready but as and when it does it get ready, every minute spent while cooking it would be of worth. The people from North India also have a thing for dairy products. Their dishes are always accompanied by dairy products like paneer, chaach even lassi. The north Indian food list may include dishes like kheer, rabdi, malpua too.

The most famous dishes of all time on the North Indian menu card

Rogan Josh

The Rogan Josh is among north Indian dishes from the breathtaking mountains of Kashmir. Besides that, is a signature dish from the beautiful Valley of Kashmir. Most probably preferred by the people who cannot think anything other than meat.

Chole bhature

Whenever the dish chole bhature is seen or read somewhere, it is impossible to stop the mouth that’s watering. The north Indian food belongs from Punjab, cooked with assorted spices along with tasty chickpeas. Now what more someone could possibly ask for?

Malai Kheer

What people mostly look for after having a tasty meal? Any guesses, yes it is none other than a dessert which could complete the picture of the perfect or complete meal. To prepare it, what required is nuts, milk, cream, and khoya. As being cooked with such ingredients is the secret behind it being so tasty.

Stuffed Bati

A dish named Stuffed Bati belongs to the land of royals, which is none other than Rajasthan. This bread snack of Rajasthan is prepared in pure ghee. Other than that it is also preferably consumed in chutney for better taste. The reason Bati is tasty is that it is all filled up with spices and healthy paneer.

Aloo Samosa

Alone in the evening? Well don’t be afraid this is not just a dish but a best friend best to be had with evening tea. The aloo Samosa is a crispy, tasty dish with potato fillings.

Chicken Dum Biryani

The most beloved dish of all time is here on the list too. There might be a tiny fraction of people who can say no to Biryani and that too a chicken Dum Biryani. As being prepared with tasty spices and decorated with green chilli, seasonings make it look even tastier.

Butter Chicken

Get ready to be enjoying a delicious and creamy North Indian recipe as it has chicken in it. It is prepared with chicken which had been marinated for an entire night no matter who cooks it. An individual can never be satisfied with the dish even after having it several times in a row.

Dahi Bhalla

Get ready to get your taste buds tantalized. As the Dahi Bhalla is prepared with sweet curd and to make it more unique to taste dish it is then readied with sour chutneys and a spoonful of chaat masala. A must-try dish for everyone

Almond Malai Kulfi

Ever seen happiness in a container.? And that too a classic type container which is better known as Matki? Get ready as you are about to. As the Almond Malai Kulfi is prepared with a lot of dry fruits as it could be taken from its name, it does have a lot of almonds. To give it a reddish appearance it is furthermore added with saffron. And without milk, it is impossible to imagine an Almond Malai Kulfi as it is made with condensed milk to attain a better taste.

Nihari Gosht

The delicious and mouthwatering dish is cooked with nutritious meat for a couple of hours. Apart from that, it is something that is not to be forgotten that it needs to be prepared on a low flame as this maintains perfect taste without the fear of the meat getting overcooked and turning into candy floss. For giving a final touch to the dish while preparing a few drops of rose water needs to be added.


The above-mentioned are some of the most mouth-slacking north Indian cuisines someone could possibly deny having, no matter what. However, being from the northern part of the nation, it is still a cocktail of multiple mouthwatering dishes that the world carefully admires.

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