Top 10 Best Nude Beaches Around the World

nude beaches in the world

When we plan for a vacation, we choose hill stations, beaches, or heritage cities to visit. If you have been planning a visit to some seashores, then you may plan for nude beaches in the world.

A visit over the Beach is lots of fun, but the fun can be even funnier if it is a beach where clothes are not allowed. Yes, there are such naked beaches. On these either there are transparent or revealing clothes. These are beaches where clothes are not allowed.  In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best nude beaches in the world. These are the beaches where you get to enjoy the best nude beach party.

Best Nude Beaches in the World

  1. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

As nudity is banned in Hawaii, this is one of the unofficial nude beaches in the world. Even nude sunbathing is banned in the country, but once you are on this Beach, you can enjoy sunbathing as well as the vast and extremely beautiful vistas of this beautiful country.

  1. Bellevue Beach, Klempenborg, Denmark

This Beach in Denmark stays highly populated in the summer. It is one of the coolest nude beaches and has a highly bright atmosphere of the nude beach party. There is no issue of nudity at this Beach as it is totally accepted here. Just go and enjoy the experience. It is situated around 15 minutes away from Central Copenhagen.

  1. Haul over Beach, Miami, Florida

The atmosphere of the Beach stays perfect throughout the year. It is one of the family-friendly and safe family nude beaches. Haul over Beach is different from other nude beaches in the world as it is one of the rare nude beaches, which is run by the government itself. This makes it a clean holiday spot. It receives around 7000 visitors every day around the globe.

  1. Plage de Tahiti, St. Tropez, France

Saint Tropez is a well-known city for pioneering the topless sunbathing in France around the ’60s. Plage de Tahiti is no expectation, and here also we can see people enjoying sunbath without a thread on the body. It is also one of the best nude beaches because celebrities frequently visit it.

  1. Samurai Beach, Port Stephens, Australia

This is a one-mile-long beach where clothing is completely optional. It lies around two and a half hours north of Sydney. It is situated just next to the Tomaree National Park. Samurai Beach is highly famous for playing volleyball at the Beach with no cloth on the body.

  1. Valalta Naturist Camp, Rovinj, Croatia

Valalta is an award-winning Naturist site. It is around 2 miles long and different from other famous nude beaches. Here you get an adequate shade to keep you safe from a roasting. It is one of the highly facilitated nude beaches. It also consists of pools, aqua bars, and water slides.

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  1. Banana Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Banana beach is a collective name for three love sand bays. Nude bathers highly love them. The naming of the Beach is also unique. It is so because it has yellow sand and it is in the form of a curve like a banana. Though it stays a little overpopulated, it is a must-visit a famous nude beach in the world.

  1. Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Red Beach is a pretty and beautiful beach with no restrictions on clothing. It gets the name due to the rusty colour of the sand of that Beach. It is moderately populated. Red Beach has a pretty good history too. There was a Frenchman who used to carve animals in the ’90s. Later, he was expelled by the locals. He was no other than President Francois Hollande.JK. You are highly served with refreshments there.

  1. Black’s Beach, San Diego, California

Nude beaches are technically illegal in the city, yet Black’s Beach is the most famous nude beach in Southern California. It is difficult to reach there as we need to take a marked route through the cliffs. These difficulties keep the visitors undisturbed once they are at the Beach. It is highly popular among those who love to surf.

  1. Spiaggia di Guvano, Corniglia, Italy

This is a small yet beautiful nude beach which is not much populated at any season of the year. To reach this beach, you have to go through a short trek through a pitch-black tunnel in the mountains of the Cinque Terre region. After this long struggle, it is worthy of watching some Italians naked and enjoying the atmosphere. Reaching it is highly difficult, and when you reach, you may be the only visitor there.

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