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Padahastasana yoga

About Padahastasana Yoga

Though technology and modernization have brought the life standard of the people living in the 21st century, it also has some side effects. People nowadays are suffering from anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, anger, tiredness, digestion problems, lower blood pressure, low concentration level, diseases of serious nature, low concentration power, reduced function of organs, especially the brain, loneliness and low self-confidence.

Along with the advancement of technology, people have also searched the solutions for these serious health indications. If you’re too concerned with one of such problems, then you are in the right place because we are going to let you know about a very effective as and called Padahastasana yoga. We will discuss the whole procedure, steps, and benefits of Padahastasana yoga. It is a type of asana, which is also called ‘hands to foot’ asana.

Padahastasana Steps:

  • First of all, stand straight. You have to keep your body in one line. Holding your legs together and your hands by your thighs.
  • The chest must be spread and open. One should not hold his body tightly. Hold yourself straight and firm.
  • Breathe inhale and slowly move your hand straight up towards your head.
  • The elbows should be straight in such a way that your biceps touch your ears. You have to make sure that you are doing 100% work in holding your arms as high as possible. While stretching, one should avoid the bending of the neck.
  • The knees should not be bent, and the legs should be straight and firm. Put your palms to the forward position.
  • Now slowly start turning forward with the help of lower back and exhale gradually.
  • The legs should be straight; the knees should not be bend.
  • The hands and back should be in a straight line in such a way that the remaining part of the body makes an angle of 90° with the legs.
  • Start bending forward so that the abdomen touches the thighs and then the legs.
  • Start touching your head with your knees with the help of holding your corresponding hand with the foot.
  • Now, gradually start breathing as much as possible. Be still in this position for about 20-30 seconds.
  • Now start lifting your hands from the foot, and it is followed by lifting your head from the knees.
  • Start inhaling and try to stand straight. Keep your hands in the hold so that the biceps continue to touch the respective ears.
  • Gradually start exhaling and then put your hands down, making sure that the palms are touching the thighs.
  • Separate your legs from each other and start relaxing.

Padahastasana Benefits:

In the modern era where people feel high amounts of stress, fatigue, and anxiety. So they are in desperate need to start Padahastasana yoga because doing Padahastasana regularly brings relief, and it helps in energizing the body. Padahastasana yoga helps in the improvement in balance and flexibility. It helps in the circulation of blood of the whole body, particularly in the upper body part.

This yoga is beneficial for the people facing diseases relating to Nasal and throat. It helps in maintaining the concentration power. It also improves the strength and refreshment of mind. The people who are suffering from the abdomen fat should start Padahastasana by today.

People who suffer from digestive disorders and food poisons regularly should practice this particular yoga. It will help people who have high thigh muscles; it stretches out and gives relief to the whole body. If you are depressed from a low height, there is no need to worry about, start your Padahastasana by today and you will experience positive results but be patient in this regard.

It also helps in the strength of the whole body, especially the muscles of calf and thighs. It helps in keeping people young and healthy. If you are facing the problem of sleeping and you use some types of medicine for sleeping, then quit this by today, because this asana gives people a night of sleep with no worry and tension.

Padahastasana helps in making people healthy. Some people feel very low and tired of the problems of their lives; doing this asana can cure it. It helps the people in having a feeling of inner peace and calm. This Padahastasana helps you in finding the great blessing of God, which is breathing. Life is always a blessing, but sometimes we forget of this crucial sanctification of God the Almighty.


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