10 Quartz Decor Accessories and Ideas for Your Home

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If you were looking to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, you must have heard about Quartz material. Quartz has become an instant hit for interior designers because of its unique and irresistible properties. It is a human-made replacement to the naturally beautiful marbles and stones. What makes it stand out of the crowd is its durability and low maintenance.

Those who have already had a marble worktop at their homes would know the high maintenance it requires. Coming in attractive colours and attractive designs, Quartz is the modern answer to kitchen slab problems. The wide variety of patterns and colours in the Quartz worktop can give your kitchen a breathtaking look. 

It is made up of around 90% ground quartz blended with 10% polymer resins. It is much harder than marble and other stones. Modern cutting techniques are providing Quartz worktops in a variety of edge styles. Fabricating methods have helped achieve glorious patterns of Quartz slabs. The only downside of this material is that you can only install it indoors. The material breaks down when exposed to the sun.

Why choose Quartz?

Quartz is a non-porous material and doesn’t attract mould or stains. It remains free of bacteria, and its low maintenance makes it an excellent material for kitchens. Since liquids can’t seep into Quartz, it doesn’t get stained. It gives Quartz a clear advantage over other natural stones and marbles. Quartz worktop prices are higher than other slab materials, but its durability makes it worth the money.

Quartz Decor Ideas for Home

The following is a list of some of the most exciting, popular, and recommended ideas that you can make use of when adding quartz worktops to your home.

Glossy Quartz slabs with softened square edges

Glossy worktops made up of Quartz provide a classy finish to your kitchen. They are easy to clean, and stains don’t stick on them. You should choose vibrant colours like orange, red or green for a modern look.

Pure white worktops 

Pure white Quartz slab provides a luxurious look. Dark coloured kitchen appliances like microwaves and refrigerators blend nicely with white worktops. Although quartz worktops prices are higher than marbles, some companies in the UK manufacture Quartz slabs and sell them directly. They provide cost-effective Quartz by eliminating the profit of retailers.

Dark coloured Quartz with a veiny design

Black countertops make a bold statement and give the kitchen a dramatic look, if you are concerned about price you can buy discount quartz countertops. The veiny designs add a splash of luxury, making it look more expensive than it is. This look is ideal for younger people or bachelors.

Bullnose edge worktops

Quartz slabs are cut into various edges to provide breathtaking looks. The bullnose edge worktop gives a traditional look to your kitchen. The bullnose edge offers a softer curved edge and would suit classic lovers.

Quartz crystal tables

These quartz tables look as unique as tables get. The stand is made up of quartz material and gives a crystal-like magical look. Guests would admire every angle of this table, and it would instantly make you a star among them. 

Quartz countertops with concrete texture

Concrete provides a natural look to your kitchen. It’s inspired by the wild and is hugely popular among interior decorators in the UK these days. While concrete worktops are admired for their rugged finish, they stain easily. Concrete is porous, and it can get difficult to clean it.

Worktop manufacturers are now making worktops made up of Quartz that look like solid concrete. You aren’t compromising on the looks, but are getting low maintenance, durable worktop. What’s better?

Quartz in the farmhouse kitchen

Quartz countertops are getting popular in modern farmhouse designs. Add a flowerpot, pure white cabinetry and tiled backsplash to the quartz worktop. The tough Quartz is also heat resistant up to 400F, which makes it great to use in kitchens. You can be assured that Quartz won’t break down when you keep hot utensils on it.

Thick quartz slabs

The thick quartz slabs provide extra durability as well as a formal look. A thick countertop measures around 3″. The quartz worktop prices are increased with the increase in thickness. You should adjust your cabinet’s height to balance the effect of thicker worktops as convenience is an integral part of stylish decor.

Curved worktops

A curved worktop in the kitchen area provides an ideal place to sit and have breakfast. While raw edges or the bold square edges give a tough and rugged look, curved edges add a contemporary look. You can double up your kitchen space and keep some chairs on one side of the worktop. It’s also easy to sit and talk around a curved worktop.

Dual worktops

Quartz countertops are finished in different textures. You can customise a two-tone worktop using a concrete texture on one side and a marble texture on another side. Chefs use this technique with a marble worktop on one side to make doughs. They have a steel worktop on the other side to assemble food items since steel is stain-resistant. 

The two-tone worktops look stylised, and you can experiment by pairing up different textures. Check out all the samples before finalising your favourite.

The prices of quartz worktops are decreasing in the UK, with more companies inclined to deliver directly to the customers. Interior decorators are also using Quartz items like crystals, sculptures and bowls to provide a refreshing look. Quartz crystals are a more natural decorative item than other materials.

Quartz countertops also come in handy for bathroom decor. Customised countertops are available in specific sizes for bathrooms. They have holes for sink fittings as well. The bathroom countertops are ready-made, and you can buy and fit them yourself.

While Quartz is a non-porous material, it can still stick some coffee stains if you let them dry. You should always wipe the surface with a damp cloth to keep it shiny. You shouldn’t use reactive or strong cleaners to wipe the surface. The use of steel pads can also cause damage. It’s better to use soft nylon pads as it is easy to clean stains off the quartz surface.

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