Questions to Ask Your New York Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

If you or anyone near and dear to you has been diagnosed with cancer, it is natural that you will be in a very fragile state of mind.

According to statistics, about 110,000 New Yorkers are diagnosed with cancer each year. But there are also instances when the disease has been misdiagnosed, leading to a lot of pain and loss for the family members. If you or anyone you know ever find themselves in such a situation, it is best to hire a New York cancer misdiagnosis lawyer.

Here are questions to ask your lawyer:

1) How Many Years Of Experience Do You Carry?

In this profession, experience does matter. Your attorney should have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the field to give you a favorable outcome.

2) How Long Does It Take for The Case to Be Resolved?

Your lawyer should not promise quick resolutions for your case because these cases usually take a long time to resolve. You may have to wait for five years before some situations declare an outcome.

3) What Is the Case Worth? Do You Have to Settle for Less Than the Medical Bills and Lost Wages You Incurred?

It is best to negotiate the costs of your medical bills and lost wages. However, you should not go for a meager settlement sum because it may mean that your case was not worth much to begin with.

4) Will You Handle All the Documents? Or Do You Need to Attend Any Meetings Alone?

You do not need to attend meetings for your case if your attorney is competent enough to handle all your documents.

5) What Is the Proportion of Cases That You Have Won?

Your lawyer should have won at least 65 percent of the cases taken to court to prove that they are competent enough to handle your case.

6) How Quickly Can You See Results?

It takes time for a case to be resolved. However, you should not wait for a very long time. Your New York cancer misdiagnosis lawyer should be able to give you an estimate on when the case will be finished so that you can plan your life accordingly.

7) How Many Clients Do You Usually Handle At The Same Time?

You must look for a lawyer who has experience in dealing with multiple cases simultaneously.

8) What Is Your Policy On Communication? Is There A Deadline For Communications And Do You Charge Extra If The Deadline Is Missed?

Your lawyer should be able to communicate with you in a way that is easy for you to understand, and they must not miss deadlines for communications.

9) Can You Show Your License?

Your lawyer should have an active license for them to practice in New York. If they cannot show you their license, do not hire them.

10) What Should You Do If You Have A Problem With The Service?

Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the service rendered by your cancer misdiagnosis lawyer, you should report your grievance to the local bar association.

It is best to choose a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer with the most experience and the ability to win cases. Make sure that you have a clear communication channel with your lawyer, who should be accessible at all times, regardless of deadlines or time constraints.

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