5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Instead of Stocks

Invest in Bitcoin

Stats show that over 16% of Australians now own cryptocurrency. Bitcoin prices are skyrocketing. There’s a significant debate among investment experts about whether it’s better to invest in Bitcoin or stocks.

If you plan to add Bitcoins to your investment portfolio, it’s critical to trade through reliable exchanges like Swyftx Australia. Here are five reasons why investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is much better than investing in stocks.

  • Cryptocurrency Is the Future of Investing

Traditional systems like banks, payment processors, stock markets, and even real-estate markets may become less popular in the future. All this will be replaced with cryptocurrency – probably through forks like BTC/BCH or other cryptocurrencies that haven’t been invented yet.

Many world governments are already aware of this possibility, making cryptocurrency an equal competitor to fiat currency (and, by extension, investments like stocks). So if you’re thinking about investing money into something long-term, think about saving up for cryptocurrency instead.

  • Fiat Currency is a Ponzi Scheme

Fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, etc.) is a centrally planned product with an arbitrary value that decreases over time due to inflation. It’s also becoming harder and harder to buy physical gold with fiat currencies because of centralisation/security measures.

Bitcoin was created as an anonymous, decentralised form of asset that exists outside any government or financial institution, ensuring its ability to retain value in the future – like how people used to save up in gold instead of fiat currency in case their economy collapsed.

  • Digital Currencies Are Much Easier to Acquire than Stocks

It takes months just to get approved by a stockbroker before you can even start trading stocks. Depending on your broker, it could take over a year to get approved.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, takes minutes to acquire through exchanges. This makes Bitcoin much more accessible than stocks – especially for people in developing countries.

  • Blockchain Technology Is What Will Change the World

Finance and banking were changed by blockchain and cryptocurrency. So were most other things that we interact with today: money transfers, contracts, and many other forms of data storage and management.

It is expected that all kinds of governments acknowledge this new technology and integrate it into their economy or use it as an alternative form of currency (like Venezuela).

  • Bitcoin Has Reached Mainstream Adoption

You can’t withdraw USD or EUR into a bank account using an ATM. This function is only possible with cryptocurrency (like BTC), which has given it mainstream adoption, resulting in its current surge in price.

If the history of fiat currency is any indication (which may be far from accurate), investing in bitcoin early on will lead to massive returns on investment later down the line. You may be able to generate considerable returns by investing in Bitcoins now.

The Bottom Line

Stocks may seem like suitable investments because they’ve delivered excellent returns over long periods. Still, they also come with risks and technicalities that make them inferior to other investment firms such as BTC/BCH. Use a trusted exchange like Swyftx Australia for ease of trading. If you plan to try out new investment options, then consider investing in Bitcoin. So, check your options and start making some money.

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