8 Reasons You Need to Wear a Sleep Mask

sleep mask

Nowadays, quality slumber is becoming a great need. Many people are sleeping under seven hours, and sleep deprivation is increasing by the day. One of the main external factors that affect our sleep is light, and it is present a lot in most homes. Either it is from your smartphone, laptop, or television. It can play havoc with your body and affect your shut-eye. There are several solutions that you can try to help shut out the light like the block out curtains. Although, this is a luxury that you need not carry around. The other solution is of a perfect accessory that is essential in blocking it all out. A sleep mask. Below are the reasons you need to wear a sleep mask as you go to sleep.

  1. Boosts sleep quality

Sleep quality is important to ensure that you function better the next day. So how does a face mask help to boost your sleep quality? In the retina of the eyes, there are light-sensitive lights that help signal the brain when it is daytime or night time that helps determine our sleep patterns. Therefore, when you wear sleep masks and add earplugs to block out light and sounds. It positively affects your sleep. In that, it helps you get blissful and deep slumber that is less disrupted with light and sounds due to elevated melatonin levels.

  1. It lowers depression

No matter how small in size the sleep masks are, they can help to lower depression. However, how do they do that? According to studies, it is possible to lower levels of depression when you get a shut-eye in complete darkness. Hence, the more exposed you are to light at night when you sleep with no sleep mask, you are more likely to develop symptoms of depression, in comparison to those that are sleeping in complete darkness. Thus, a sleep mask has a great impact on your mental health.

  1. Helps to block out harmful light

The blue light that surrounds us all the time is harmful to us at night and affects our sleep. Yet, most people encourage the use of them through various devices. Such as the glow from the television, the nights stand alarm clocks and the glare of the smartphones. However, during the day, this blue light is not harmful as it helps to boost attention, moods, and reaction time. Yet, at night, it is a source in disrupting sleep, and hence it negatively affects our health. This light causes the reduction of melatonin twice more than the usual light does. Hence, shifting your circadian rhythm. So, a sleep mask helps with blocking out this light.

  1. You sleep faster

If you are the type that turns and tosses in bed as you find a way to sleep. It is not that your big lots furniture bed is uncomfortable. Though an uncomfortable bed and mattress can affect your sleep quality. So, when you wear a face mask while you go to sleep, it will help you fall asleep quicker. Since it reduces the time that you spend lying awake in bed. Reason being, that when you are in complete darkness, it boosts your body’s melatonin level that helps you to doze faster, in comparison to when you were not wearing a sleep mask.

  1. Makes you more relaxed

According to scientific research, the power of touch helps improve sleep quality. This is possible as deep touch pressure stimulation increases the release of the serotonin that helps with regulating sleep. Hence some sleep masks are weighted and help to harness that sensation. Thus, the pressure it gives helps to give your face a calming effect. As a result, it reduces feelings of anxiety and helps you to be more relaxed as they also help with light blocking.

  1. It has lifesaving benefits

If you have no sleep mask, you must purchase one. It is a cost-effective investment for your health that saves your life. Since, when you sleep in total darkness, your body secretes as much melatonin as it can. Thus, it is a benefit for when you do not produce enough melatonin, you are at an increased risk of deadly diseases. More importantly, melatonin is also an antioxidant. Therefore, it helps to prevent damage to your DNA that is aging due to harmful rays from the sun or exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. Hence, why it is important to sleep with a sleep mask. For when your DNA is protected it can decrease potential causes of cancer.

  1. Good for travel

Always carry a sleep mask every time you travel as it comes in handy. For instance, when you need quality sleep in a hotel with improper block out curtains or a heavily lit plane. Blocking out this light will prevent any detrimental effect on your sleep. Thus, have your sleep mask, it is your saving grace. Besides, they are light and portable to slip in your travel bag. So, there is no excuse for not carrying one. It is a must-have sleep essential if you want to get some sleep on a plane and also to make it easy to sleep during your travel.

  1. Improves your skin

Just like clothes, sleep masks have a wide variety, quality, and pricing too. When you invest in the right sleep mask, it improves your skin leaving it looking youthful as it fights signs of aging. For instance, a silk sleep mask is full of natural proteins. So, if you have sensitive skin, there are options to pick in regards to the need. Hence, in this case, you need the mulberry variety. The Sericin protein that it contains helps to lower the chances of any allergic reactions. Plus, the silk is smooth and soft against your skin, and it regulates body temperature, which is essential to allow sleep to occur. Additionally, it feels cold in the summer and warm in the winter. Thus, it is an excellent sleeping aid.

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