Redecorate Your Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps

Redecorate Your Bathroom

Many people don’t put much consideration into their bathroom’s aesthetics as long as it’s clean and functional. Maybe it’s time you see your bathroom in a different light, both literally and figuratively. After all, for many busy homeowners with families, it’s the only place in the house where they can actually have some alone time. If that sounds like you, then no one would judge you for wanting to convert your bathroom into your personal paradise. In fact, you owe it to yourself to design a place of peace in your home, even if that place also happens to be your master bedroom’s bathroom.

When you first bought your home, it likely never occurred to you that you’re not stuck with the bathroom that came with your house. The good news is that you can modernize your bathroom relatively cheaply while adding a bit of style and luxury to it. For many people considering bathroom renovations or upgrades, the hard part is knowing where to start as well as every other step following it. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide for redecorating your bathroom. Continue reading to get some strategy and style tips for turning your bathroom into your personal paradise.

1. Choose a style for your bathroom.

The first step to redecorating is deciding on a style for your bathroom. This is part of the dream phase of redecorating your bathroom, so a great way to start is simply by imagining how you want your bathroom to look. Close your eyes and picture your new bathroom’s theme and decor, and then do some shopping around to see what you can find that fits your vision. Art Bath, a bathroom and lighting showroom in Weatherford, TX, has one of the best selections of bathroom furniture and accessories as well as unique and stylish lighting options.

2. Decide on a color scheme.

Once you’ve chosen a style for your bathroom, it’s time to pick a color scheme. If your bathroom gets great natural lighting, you should consider going with a darker shade of gray or possibly ocean blue. Many designers say the best way to choose a color scheme for your bathroom is to start with one of the primary colors and match it with complementary colors or varying shades of the primary color.

3. Accessorize.

Accessorizing is one of the steps where you can really show off your personal sense of style by adding everything from bath mats and shower curtains to bathroom art. You can also liven your bathroom with a few houseplants. Succulents are a good idea if you have more of a black thumb than a green thumb, as succulents are low maintenance and can thrive in most conditions. You can order plants online for delivery on the Lively Root website to find a wide variety of houseplants and helpful tips for plant parents.

4. Upgrade your lighting.

One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a more modern look is to change the lighting fixtures. As we mentioned earlier, Art Bath’s bathroom and lighting showroom have one of the best selections for bathroom plumbing and furniture you can find anywhere. The right lighting fixtures can do wonders to uplift the look and feel of your bathroom.

5. Find the right contractor for your bathroom remodeling project.

After you’ve chosen your design and color scheme, it’s time to start looking for a contractor. You might be able to handle much of the redecorating project on your own, but you should leave installing light fixtures and any elements related to plumbing to the professionals. One of the best ways to find the right contractor to help with your project is to read online reviews of service providers in your local area. Word of mouth is still the best way to find the products and services you need.

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