Rope Clamps Buying Guide- Types and How to Choose

rope clamp

Wire ropes are an essential component of rigging and lifting hardware. However, wire ropes can only be used effectively if you use additional rigging equipment, such as rope clamps. These devices play a vital role in the setup and maintenance of cable systems.

As rope clamps are essential, you need to invest in the best. For example, you can buy rope clamps made by Ravenox.

What is a rope clamp?

Wire rope clamps are also known as wire cable clamps, wire rope clips, wire clips, wire clamps, U-bolts, etc. They are generally used to connect wire rope cable ends or make eye-loop connections.

You can use a rope clamp in various situations such as-

  • To run a rope through an eye bolt or shackle
  • Termination of wire ropes on crane cables or winches
  • Perimeter cables on parking lots, docks, etc.

Types of rope clamps

U-type clamps

A U-shaped clamp is also called a right-angle clamp. It connects directly to a steel beam via threaded bolts fastened to the top piece, flat or curved. It is generally used when conduits need to be installed perpendicular to beams.

Double saddle clamps

The double saddle clamp comprises two saddles, each with a leg and two nuts. The saddles are mirrored so that they can be fitted together without bolts. Additionally, these can be used in either direction, making them more user-friendly. Double saddle Clamps and tube clamps are mainly used for pipe fittings. You can see tube clamps direct details here.

Edge clamps

The edge clamps can be used to attach conduits to the thin edges of steel beams by tightening their grip on the conduit. They are the perfect tool for a perpendicular installation.

Rope clamp materials

Malleable rope clips

The base of malleable rope clips is made of malleable cast iron. It is suitable only for light-duty applications because it can crack if used for holding heavy weights. Some common applications of these clamps are fencing and handrails.

Stainless steel rope clips

The best wire rope clips are stainless steel because of their high tensile strength. It is strong and versatile. This cable clamp is used for flag posts, temporary guardrails, and outdoor rigging applications.

Forged rope clips

Forged rope clips, as the name suggests, are made of forged steel. This type of wire clamp is used for heavy-duty overhead loads such as support, winch, crane house, towing, tie-down, and guy lines.

Things to consider before choosing rope clamps?

Choose a trusted manufacturer of rigging hardware

It is vital to choose cable clamps from a reputed manufacturer of rigging hardware; for example, you can buy rope clamps made by Ravenox. You don’t want to use a substandard clip as it can compromise your load’s safety.

Consider your working environment

You are probably aware that certain cable clamps are better suited for outdoor environments than others. So, carefully consider where you will be using the wire rope clips. For example, stainless steel rope clamps are the perfect solution for outdoor applications.


The wire rope clamp is one of the most essential rigging hardware. They give wire ropes more flexibility, making it easier and safer for them to be used in a wide range of applications. Hopefully, you have learned enough about rope clamps that you would make a wise choice while buying one.

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